WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 9

I must say that when I posted the last WiP Wednesday for January I was a bit dismayed that I didn't have much of anything that was progressing. I am a bit less dismayed as I post today's & February's last WiP post. And I am excited...but more on that later...

There hasn't been a lot of work on the Baktus in the last week, but some. At least I think I remember working on it a bit late last week.

I know I worked on this...

...and I know it doesn't look like I did! I am beginning to wonder if I A) will have enough yarn and B) am knitting a life size bear!

I sprinkled in some school work to the mix as well. This program is so full of stuff and I am just hoping that some of it starts to soak into my mind. I am hoping to clear out some time to practice, practice, practice. Oh and actually read what I am doing instead of just doing it!

Look what I found. The Hexagons live. I was doing some cleaning and found a stack of completed ones and decided that when I am in need of something quick to keep my hands and mind a little busy, these would be the perfect thing. I worked four of them up on Sunday and one last night. I forgot how addicting they are. I am closing in on one hundred hexagons. It is almost time to lay out a couple of rows and do some math!

On Monday it dawned on me that I hadn't read a book yet this month, let alone the three I was hoping to read each month and so I pulled this up on the Nook and started. I am bound and determined to finish this before Friday at 8:00 a.m. If that means that I have to down a ton of Excedrin and pull an all nighter tomorrow night, well that is what I will do. Actually, I won't but it is fun to think that I would. I have less than one hundred pages to read and after I check a few more things off my list for tonight I am doing nothing but reading and listening to hockey.

Oh, that excitement I was talking about earlier? Yeah, this weekend I took a little trip to a well kept secret in my town...our new and one and only LYS! Yes kids, we now have a small Local Yarn Store. The hours are not the most convenient for us 9-5ers, but it is still a growing business. Thankfully the local newspaper ran an article and mentioned it or I may have never known it was open!

Anyway, I ran up today after lunch to pick up something I have been wanting and wait for it...yarn for a Knit ALong. There will be more information to come and will definitely be featured in my March WiP posts. The yarn is something I have wanted to knit with, but never knew what to knit with it. I am super excited to get started. Look for a Saturday Share for more details about the store, mystery purchase, yarn and KAL pattern!

How was your week? Did you make progress? Let me know & link me up to your pages (ravelry, blog, tumblr, etc.)


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