WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 7

Hard to believe that come tomorrow, February is half over! Even harder to believe I have yet to complete an actual project in 2013! I don't know where my knitting mojo has gone, but I need it back, in a hurry!

I do have something new I am working on. A little dishcloth.

This is the Reversible Textured Dishcloth from Sammie Carraher and is a free download on Ravelry. It was the KAL cloth for January in the Knit & Crochet Dishcloth Swap group.

I tried my hand, as you saw last week, at the KAL for February and while I finished the knitting portion, and "bind off", it sort of didn't quite turnout. Currently it is on my desk awaiting disposition (most likely to the rag bag).

This Reversible Textured cloth is super simple and you only have to remember one row. Super easy to remember and knit while watching hockey. I am using some Lily in Mod Green. It is somewhere between a Kelly Green and a Teal (or what I consider teal). This is the same one row pattern that the Yarn Harlot had in her One Row Handspun Scarf (that I knit a few years back). It is really quite mindless.

I almost cheated last night and cast something on just so that I would have two photos today, but I was too lazy to do it. I am determined to hit my queue, pick out a pattern and some yarn before Friday and start something new.

Are you working on something new or old this week? Have you ever lost your knitting mojo? And if so, how did you get it back? Hit the comments, because I am desperate dear friends!


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