Friday Favorites: Volume 1 Issue 6

Welcome to another Friday Favorites!

I am continuing my series on my knitting favorites and this week I bring you...

Project Bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First things first, there are no links to the project bags because they are not for sale. Every single one of my project bags was sewn by my sister and gifted to me. Yes, I am super spoiled and I make zero apologies for it!

The first project bag is a new addition.

This monster bag was a Christmas wrapping. This is just one example of how awesome my sister is, not only does she sew these fabulous bags (all fully lined), but she uses them as wrapping paper so there is always a gift inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is flannel on the outside and I think muslin on the inside (not sure it is not in front of me as I type). It is a fully zip and is perfect for a skein of sock yarn, some needles and a row counter (if needed).

Second we have...

...another newbie. This triangle bag is from a KAL/CAL that I was lucky enough to win (don't worry there is no nepotism involved, they use random generator to decide the winner). 

Currently it is housing the Brrr Bear I am working on with three balls of yarn, needles (of course) and my 
row counter.

Third, is a long-time favorite of mine...

It has spooky houses and witches and mad trees. Funny thing is she asked for the fabric either for Christmas or her birthday, which our mom got for her and then she made me this fab bag!

It is currently holding my latest cast-on (to be featured in next week's WiP Wednesday!). It is the perfect size for this fingering weight project.

Coming in next we have an all-star go to bag...

This is my skully monkey bag. I love it. I am really into skulls, and this bag is fab and reminds me of a Vera Bradley. It is the perfect size for a dishcloth, hat...

...or a few balls of sock yarn and some mitered squares!

Finally we have the ultimate project bag...

The Hold-Everything bag! I got this for my birthday either last year or the year before. It is wonderful and always by my side. I can keep a large project in here (hello blanket) or ...

...all of my project bags. I can even load in my pattern keeper and essentials kit. There is a pocket on the front that is super deep. The "white" fabric is knitting fabric so it is perfect for a knitting bag. I like to keep all my special pieces of flair on here as well since I have it around me so much.

Do you have a favorite project bag? Do you even use project bags? Hit the comments and let me know. 

Next week I am going to talk about my top go to patterns.

Is there something you would like to see on The Day Before Tomorrow? If so, let me know in the comments or email me at


Heather said…
i have multiple project bags ranging from ones I've sewn to grocery sacks. My fav are those clear ones that bedding comes in. That way I can see what is where. It doesn't matter that they don't have handles as I don't usually take them outside the house.

Your sister has a wonderful sense of fabrics. These are terrific,
steph said…
Do you loan out your sister??? (I was an only child....I sure could use a sister like yours!!!!!!)

I do try to have my projects in their own bags....and the queued projects in their own bags. Never enough bags!!!!
Anonymous said…
A gal can nver have too many project bags and besides what are sisters for if not to help feed yarn and project addictions by sending you more am so happy that you like the bags because I just got a new pattern that I need to try out.


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