WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 5

I can't believe this is the fifth WiP Wednesday this year! How did five weeks go by that fast?!? I am still trying to get all organized for 2013!

I have two projects that I worked on this past week. It was another week where I didn't do much crafting, but did some cleaning and organizing and spent a little bit lot of time on twitter!

First up, I picked up the Brrr Bear again.

It has been pretty mindless knitting. I am just building the chunky body and am getting close to starting some shaping! I am looking forward to that because knitting round after round of stockinette in white is a bit of a brain number. It was the most exciting thing going last night as the Penguins game was awful!

I also put some new yarn and pattern (a swap package) to use and knit up a few rows of what will eventually be a kerchief type scarf, I believe.

The yarn is Cascade something or other. I put the ball band somewhere safe...I just don't know where that is! It's a fun pattern so far. I didn't do much because I was preoccupied with a naggy feeling of must do some cleaning. I hope to get back to this soon, well in February I guess.

How are your projects going? Have you been progressing or stuck in a rut like me watching hockey (or other things) and attached to twitter or other social media? Hit the comments and let me know and link me up so I can see what you are working on!

P.S. I will link up the patterns and yarn next week. I don't have my stuff with me at the moment.


Heather said…
I really like the two tone purple yarn. looks very inviting.

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