WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 4

I wracked my brain last night trying to figure out what I have been working on the past week. And I was coming up with a total blank. I figured I would sleep on it and it would come to me. All that came to me was a random dream that involved work people and a written exam. While doing my makeup I thought some more and then finally told myself, "it will come when you least expect it". Yeah, it never did come. I am beginning to think that I have done nothing in the past week.

Well that is not entirely true. I spent money I don't really have. I got into a spirited exchange with a billing agency. Oh and I took a test. I missed one question and while I still got a 95%, it irritates me to no end that I missed the question.

Oh and I have been working on catching up on something...

The NHL finally returned on January 19, 2013. Since then I estimate I have logged nearly 40 hours of hockey! So I guess I did do something.

Like watching the Pens win their first two games, both on the road against heated rivals Philadelphia & New York Rangers. 

And I have been committed to keeping my area a ...

So, my friends please...

...and I will see you next week with some sort of progress of something.


I don't know if I can necessarily keep calm while watching hockey but I get the sentiment :) I feel like all of us who love hockey each had a pens related post this week. We are all just so excited!

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