WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 3

I have been working on a project since January 1st that still isn't done, but it is what I spent most of the last week working on. It is not yarny by any means, but it is still a Work in Progress!

I present, my planning system(s)...

 The binder that is "standing" is what I had hoped to use for my every day planner. Unfortunately, the rings are too small to hold what I really want in my planner. I am testing it for my project binder, but I am thinking that I am going to make it more of a "me" planner/journal. It has some really fun inserts that I want to take advantage of.

Here are a few shots in its current testing phase...

You can see that I wasn't quite willing to commit to it being my project binder, so I used stickies to write down my January goals & ideas.

This is a quick form I created (very basic & really quick) to keep notes on my crafting projects.

I am about 99% sure this is going to be more journal oriented than a project binder. No fear about losing my project binder, as I have a few of these "half" size binders laying around.

Next up is my daily planner. I have been trying to settle on a "real"/"regular"/"legit" planner and I have pretty much narrowed it down to a Franklin Covey (after endlessly researching Filofax). I am now waiting to see if they go on sale and also paying a few bills before I splurge on something that isn't necessarily needed right now.

I am using a Martha Stewart by Avery collection binder in the cherry red or just red. I believe the rings are the one inch size, which is good, not perfect, but works right now. I am using the Franklin Covey Blooms page on two days planner refill this year. I like the page on two days because I can have my to dos and appointments/schedule on one and have the other to journal the day's activities. It is working wonderfully.

I also picked up some of the Martha Stewart tabs/labels/stickies.

Here is a closer look at my month on two days view...

I wasted no time jotting down the Penguins schedule. You can do what I do and ignore the green letters. That was supposed to be my exercise routine and that has gone completely out the door while I figure some stuff out.

 Daily I keep my daily to dos (in blue), my "extra" to dos (in pink) and my work to dos (burgundy). On the scheduler I have been keeping my activities listed. It helps me see where I need to make improvements and also serves as a reminder when I journal my day.

I am using the Martha Stewart removable tear drop labels to note things like t.v. shows, games, etc. I also use the debt tracker to make notes about orders and purchases that are "out of the ordinary"

 I cut down some clear report covers to use as dashboards/flyleafs and punched them to fit. Here I keep sticky notes like this Weekly To Do. On the reverse is my Daily To Do and there is an itty bitty tab that says "today". This page sort of acts as my ruler and reminds me what I want to do each day and what is on tap for my weekly tasks.

In the back, I have my bonus section. Tentatively I have a place for Goals, Health, Motivation, Contacts & Finance.

I prepared a quick form of sorts to track some health information relative to food intake, exercise and symptoms. All forms in this post are "working" forms where I can take notes on what I like, don't like, need, don't need. After I have a better understanding of what will work for me, the plan is to put my graphic design studies to use and create some slamming printables.

This shows my finance worksheet. I plan to put my existing bills, plus purchases made throughout the month that are "extra" (re: online spontaneous purchases). It doesn't show, but there is a Notes space at the bottom.

So that is what I have been hard at work on. I have spent a couple of weeks figuring out the "calendar" part and now I am ready to pull it all together and get the rest of it working for me.

What do you use to organize yourself and plan your life? Are you a paper person or a digital person? Hit the comments and let me know.

You can always request a specific type of post you would like to see. I am always looking for new things to show and give my readers what they want.


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