WiP Wednesday: Volume 3 Issue 2

I'm back again and I have something other than the hitchhiker to show you! Not to worry, I added a few more teeth over the last week, just not much change to show.

So let's start shall well?

First I have been working on one of Susan B Anderson's Brrr Bears.  Here is a little body work

I wish I had more of it done, but darn life is getting in the way. And by life I mean procrastination, which is my way of life.

Next up I started a spa cloth for a KAL/CAL. I worked on this last night during the BCS Championship game. Yes, it is true, with the absence of hockey I have turned to football. Thankfully in the next couple of weeks that will resolve itself.

I am using some Cotton Ease to really make it spa-like.

And I am also working on this book...

I am only about 14% in and the jury is still out. First impressions, I am not liking the writing style and she seems to stray a bit...okay quite a bit. I was told though that you really have to push through the beginning to get to the grit of the story, so I am pushing through.

I am starting to do some work on digital scrapbooking and project life and I hope to have some of that material in the next few weeks. It is a slow process trying to learn Adobe. 

So what are you working on this week? Let me know in the comments or leave a link, I am always looking for new blogs to read.


Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see your finished projects. I actually pulled out my Barn Raising Quilt and have been working on finishing up the blocks. Only 2 more to go then I can block them, but when I saw Voodoo you Love Me???? I had to get the pattern so I have been sidetracked with working on a tiny zombie. Let me know what you think of the book. I tried it and just couldn't get past the first couple of chapters. ----dawn

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