The One with the New Year

I waited a whole month (December) for today to arrive and now all I can think about is when will the week end?

I am a quick results sort of girl so I really want to see how the first week of the new year and new me goes. I want to see accomplishment. Perhaps enjoying the now and learning patience should be on my New Year Goal list.

I can say that if I feel the way I do now at the end of the week then I will be much accomplished and will feel like I can do anything. I want that feeling to last all year and I plan on making that happen.

I wish nothing but love and joy for all of you out there. As we reflect on the last year and the sad happenings of the last month of 2012, I think that the most crucial thing we can do is to love and slow down. I am guilty of being a hurried person, as I demonstrated at the beginning of this blog. But  now I want to be a person who enjoys the moments that matter.

I have a lot of exciting projects planned for the year to really make the most of it and make the most out of being me and learning to like myself. I am hoping you will enjoy the journey with me and let me know what you think in the comments section. I LOVE getting comments, it makes me feel special. Not the spam comments that tend to show up on posts from three years ago, but real people comments.

To you and yours, Happy New Year. Let's enjoy the highs and lows together!


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