Friday Favorites: Volume 1 Issue 2

Welcome to Friday Favorites!  Today I present...

My top three Prey novels by John Sandford.

First let me tell you how I happened upon the series. As usual I was reading the latest t.v. blogs/columns and it was reported that Mark Harmon was going to star as Lucas Davenport in a USA movie, Certain Prey, based on the book by John Sandford. Now, I am a girl that has to read the book before I see the movie (usually) and since the book was something like tenth in the series, I had to read nine books before and probably a few after before I could watch the movie. Luckily at the time of the report they were in pre-production and I had some time.

I settled in and powered through a lot of books over the summer of 2011. If you are interested, the book was great, the movie, not on any top lists that you will see here.

And now on to the countdown (of sorts)

Winter Prey is one of my favorites because it introduced Weather Karkinen. The story is compelling and you get to see Lucas Davenport in a familiar, yet different element. 

Naked Prey finds Lucas in a new position, rife with politics. As usual, Lucas is up to the task. This book marked a new beginning in Lucas' life and is a great place to start the series, if you don't want to start at the very beginning, which is Rules of Prey.

Wicked Prey tackled a criminal from Lucas' path, hell bent on destroying his life and the inner-workings of security during the Republican National Convention. Oh and a little crime plot as well.

It is really hard to target three of my favorite books as they flow so nicely that the series feels like one giant book. I am fully invested in the characters and their lives and I can't wait for the 23rd book to be released in May.

Do you like series reads or are you more of a stand alone type reader? Hit the comments and let me know.


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