Friday Favorites: Volume 1 Issue 1

I am introducing a new weekly "meme" of sorts...Friday Favorites. Each week I will pick five of my favorite things from the week (products, food, music, t.v., etc). Just another little glimpse into the life of Lady Penguin.

First favorite beauty products of the last week

First up is Sally Hansen's lustre shine nail polish in 007 Scarab. I totally fell in love with this when I put it on my finger. It held up great and I am a little rough with my hands and nails. The color is so vibrant a real teal. I tried to show off my hands as much as possible waiting for someone to comment on the color. Alas they didn't so I texted a photo to Angie because I know she appreciates nail polish! I definitely want to add more of this line to my growing collection.

Next up is my Mirabella Prime primer for face and eyes. I got this in my December ipsy bag and decided I should try it. It feels so silky and really does a nice job holding my foundation. I don't use a Mirabella foundation, but it works great with my Clinique. It is a clear primer and a little goes a long way.  I have not tried it on my eyes...yet.

I have decided that I have to be a bit more proactive in my beauty regimen and so I have been using these Clinique products at night (all about eyes) and in the morning (even better). It is still early to see dramatic results and I'm not sure that I will because, thanks to being chunky, my skin isn't starting to wrinkle...yet.

This next product I decided to try after loads of reviews by youtube beauty gurus. It is the Maybelline The Falsies mascara in blackest black (non waterproof). The jury is still out as there is another brand that I LOVE, but this is what I have been going to this week to get a feel for it.

And finally, I don't know where my lips would be without Maybelline Baby Lips! I had seen the tubes of this floating around and decided I had to try it. I had put it on my stocking stuffer idea list and thought I would get some, so I resisted buying them myself. Alas I did not receive any for Christmas, so the day after I was on the hunt. I go to the Peppermint (green tube) when I need some balm and I use the Cherry (orange tube) when I need some relief and a generous hint of color.

The great thing about Maybelline and Sally Hansen is that they are "drug store" brands and you can almost always get a deal through CVS & Walgreens (buy one get one deals or reward bucks). When it comes to Clinique, I try to wait until our local Herbergers has Goodwill days because I can use the coupons at the makeup counters! I am trying another primer, but if I keep going back to the Mirabella, I might have to break down and order online. Hopefully I could find it at a retailer that offers deals (shipping, percentage off, bogo).

I must say that since I started putting forth the effort in my makeup and have started something that resembles a beauty routine I feel better about myself. I feel like I am gaining some confidence and that is never a bad thing!

Zoya nail color is offering a super duper deal through Sunday. You can get 3, yes THREE nail polishes* for FREE (just pay a small shipping and handling charge ($10)). Read about it here. I could not resist and can't wait to get my polishes! (Polishes are $8 each and you get three for only $10!)

What are some of your favorite beauty products? Hit the comments and let me know.


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