Bookmarks: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I am not entirely sure how one goes about reviewing a book without giving everything away. But, gosh darn-it, I am going to try.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Ms. Flynn’s third book (all stand alone) is the story of Nick & Amy. On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Amy goes missing and Nick becomes the prime suspect. Did someone take her? Did Nick kill her? Are her parents involved? What about the townspeople, could one of them had had a hand in this? Is she dead? Is she alive? Where is Amazing Amy?

The first half of the book is heavy, HEAVY, on description. Lengthy chapters with immense detail have turned many people off of this book. I forged ahead because I was promised a payoff. A big, huge, humangous* big payoff. It was not easy. It was downright painful and felt as though my life was being sucked out through my eyes and I was sure that cherished brain cells were being depleted with each word.

I made it to the half way point. Well 54% to be exact before it started to get real. Interesting. Faster paced. Dare say rewarding.

I read the digital version on Overdrive & epub. So I sort of had an inkling of what was going to happen because I had to “flip” through the table of contents and the chapter listing/act listing. I knew before I read it that things were going to happen. If that makes any sense. If not, read the table of contents and you will get it.

With that foreknowledge, I started to piece things together, to work up theories and suspects. And I am happy to report that I was right on a few things.

There were some sort of big twists. Definitely some mind-bombing moments. It is a book that, once you finish, you will seek out someone else who has read it so that you can discuss it, because when something and someone is as twisted as this book comes along, you must discuss.

I don’t want to ruin anything, but let me just say that one character can be described as brilliantly psychotic.

Would I read this book again? As a re-read, no, I would not. Am I happy to have plowed through and read it? Yes, yes I am. Would I recommend it to friends and family? I would, and not just the ones I don’t like, I would recommend it like it was recommended to me. I know the author is busy with a screen adaptation of Gone Girl and I would definitely read the book before seeing the movie. I think the book is perfect for a film and would definitely put it on my must-see list.

I am giving this book 3.5 bookmarks out of 5. The story was slow to start, heavy on the detail, which while in the end paid off, is a real turnoff for most readers.  Also, the ending was a little to wide open for me. I don’t really see a sequel or series coming from this, so I would have liked a little bit more of a concrete ending.  I am going to give Gillian Flynn another go with one of her other two novels (or perhaps both).

Did you read Gone Girl? Was it a hit for you? Hit the comments and let me know your thoughts.

*Humangous Big was coined by Ilya Bryzgalov during 24/7 on HBO leading up to the 2012 Winter Classic. I still find it fun to use.


Heather said…
I haven't read this yet, though it is on my list. Great review. I will remember your comments if I feel that I'm slogging along when readng and will perserver.

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