The One with the Happy Holidays

I wanted to pop in since I haven't been around in an entire MONTH! and because I got some flack for not posting.

Things have seemed kind of crazy with getting ready for the holidays and work and all that fun stuff that makes up life. I have been doing a lot of planning for the new year and just realized I have one week to kick those plans in motion in preparation for a brand new beginning. I am super excited though and plan on sharing a lot of it with you.

Christmas giving is one of my most favorite things. I love to give people gifts. I won't lie, I love getting them too. I have gotten some really beautiful things so far (candle that smells so yummy, some ornaments, a beautiful frame, wrap/shawl, gift card!) and can only imagine what my family has done for me. I am excited to see my nephews and sister tonight on facetime.

It is snowing! That is so huge because for the last few years we have not had snow on Christmas. So having a white Christmas just makes it all seem more real and more festive. I have a feeling the running around I have to do in an hour will seem somewhat festive as well or maybe that should be frustrating?!?

I wish all of you the happiest of holidays. Whatever you celebrate, I hope that it is happy and bright and spent with people you love. I know that my holiday is going to be great because I want it to be and I BELIEVE it will be.


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