Wednesday Roundup: The Excuse Edition

Would you believe me if I told you the reason I haven’t posted since Friday is because I have been snowbound without internet access? If you said no, you know me well. You probably also answered something like, “No I wouldn’t believe you because I know you are a procrastinator and never follow through.” And you would be half right. I often do follow through, just on my own timetable, unless I am given a hard deadline or unless it is work related.

It is no shocker that I fell off the proverbial wagon of NaBloPoMo, or whatever it is called. I was religious about posting for nine days straight. Then Saturday rolled around and I sort of ran out of things to write about. Then I was going to get back on Sunday, then that turned to Monday, then yesterday I didn’t have ten things I like to cook, so here I am on Wednesday making excuses. Which is the one thing they tell you not to do.  And by they, I mean people who tell you how to blog.

That sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it? Blogging is not hard. It is simply posting things that interest you that you hope interest others. Yet, I have an entire Pinterest board filled with tips on blogging.

I realized a long time ago that I will never make money blogging. As much as I would like to become one of those fantabulous bloggers that make a living doing it, it is not in the cards for me. First, I don’t generate a lot of traffic here. Second, I don’t have one thing I like to blog about. I am all over the map. Third, I hate ads on other blogs, so I really don’t want to put them on mine and that is how you make the money. Fourth, I don’t have giveaways mainly because I have nothing to giveaway and every time I go to enter one, you have to jump through 639 hoops and you still don’t win.

I am serious on that giveaway thing. I went to two last week because they sounded awesome. One I had to like 16 facebook pages and then post a comment. 16! Are you kidding me? I am trying to get less junk on my facebook feed, not add to it. And posting a comment for each one with all those whirly word things you have to figure out? No thank you, I will save my sanity and just buy whatever it is they were giving away. Nothing is worth liking 16 facebook pages for random shit. The other one, I had to take multiple quizzes and check in each day for some ungodly amount of days. If I had time to do all that, I would be a blogger with shit to giveaway.

I don’t mind the “leave a comment” giveaways. That is easy enough to do. But to make me go all over the internet and then tweet it to my 103 followers, well no thanks.

I wish I had the patience. I wish I had the time to invest in figuring out how it all works and how to make it all work for me. But to tell you the truth, I kind of like my way of doing it. I like being able to use the word shit when required. And quite honestly there is nothing I do in my life that makes me an expert on anything. Well I am sort of the Excel Queen around the office. I know more about Excel than any normal person would ever want to know. But I don’t want to blog about that. That would put me on the verge of being some sort of pre-nerd. And I rather like not watching The Big Bang Theory. I will stick with being a pathetic dork!

So do you make excuses? Do you have the time and the energy to enter giveaways? And if you do, do you ever win? Hit the comments and let me know.


Anonymous said…
You sound like someone right up my alley.I just want to get out there and talk to people about......LIFE in general.I love to read about anything not technical(fantasy,history such as pre-1000 B.C. Rome and Roman-Britain) life in our everyday life.such as a comment on todays sucky weather,ugh!and so on and so forth.I also blog with my sister who loves her husband,family,geneaology,her dogs,and chitchat.Sure would like to hear from you.We are getting started and would like some blog action so much!We're Kentuckians raised down home but origanally from Louisville.I live in Bowling Green and Sis lives in the country with hubby and the dogs(several)very content and snug.Hope to hear from ya!Garry in Kentucky

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