The First Snow

Snow has fallen. Our first snowfall of record started falling sometime in the early morning hours. I snuggled in my bed and pulled the curtains open this morning and just watch it shimmer in the lights. Then reality hit and I had to get ready to drive in it.

The roads were slick. As usual sanding trucks had not been out. I think I saw one of those of so fantastic de-icing trucks out laying down the lovely corrosive mixture that really does nothing other than make the snow melt so there is no traction on the ice that lies beneath. I made it to work in one piece. I am sure it helps that my commute is less than five minutes on a clear day and that I leave so early that few are on the road. I did have to venture out around 8:45 and as usual people were driving like it was the 8th of July, not the 8th of November!

It has continued to snow the majority of the day and that is fine by me. The snow creates this beautiful winter wonderland that is much nicer to look at than brown grass and dirt. The bare trees are much more beautiful with snow.

I believe the snow is going to come to a halt and the freezing temperatures are going to set in. That might not be as much fun. I think the coldest day is going to be Saturday. Of course. That is errand day in my household and I would just love to do it in below freezing temperatures.

I hope this is the first of many snow days. I absolutely love it. It makes the holiday season a bit more magical and cozy. I love that I can crawl under a blanket, do some knitting and sip a hot coffee, look out my window and see snow drifts.

Are you in love with winter? Does snow excite you? Hit the comments and share with me, your thoughts on winter and snow.


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