The Blackest Black Friday

I am that person that looks forward to Black Friday every year. I am the person that got angry for people posting how horrible it is that shopping was starting at 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

This year was different. I didn't find anything I HAD to have. I didn't find the need to go out at 8:00 p.m. or midnight. That is not to say that the thought didn't cross my mind fifty three times, because it did. But by the time the end of the day rolled around, I wanted a HOT shower and some comfy pajamas. I wanted nothing more than to stay up and watch Friends reruns on Nick and Nite.

The plan was to kind of get up early and head out. I slept horribly, tossed and turned all night (partly in anticipation and partly because I am stupid). Finally got up around 5:30, read the paper, got dressed and made it to the mall around 6:30ish. We went to JC Penney first. The lines were out the door! Kind of insane since I haven't been able to find anything in that store or online since the BIG CHANGE. We felt up a couple of flannel shirts and then headed out. No desire to stand in line for a cheap flannel shirt.

We hit Bath & Body Works. Ran into a friend and left with a burning nose, some Wallflowers and a headache. Herberger's (part of the BonTon family) was next. It was near bliss. The lines were short, the shoppers were nicely dispersed and we actually found a couple of things to buy. The big thing with Herberger's is they always have a $10 off $10 or more. The problem is there is only one hidden item in the store that it is good on. Well maybe not one item, but very few. You can't use it on Door Busters, or Incredible Values, shoes, cosmetics and certain lines of items like Columbia or Fossil. And just about EVERYTHING is a Door Buster and what isn't is an Incredible Value. Mom ended up using the coupon on some nylons. She picked up a down comforter (always their biggest seller at only $19.97 any size) as a gift and some slippers. And that was our haul.

We headed home for a quick bite to eat and then headed to Missoula for a bazaar and to hit the Farm. It was a lovely ride over (seemed long). We got to the bazaar and left disappointed. It was fun last year, this year seemed really different. It was a lot of high profile type of stuff, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, furnishings. We left empty handed and headed to the mall. I must have been high off of tryptophan to have wanted to go on Friday. I knew if we didn't go on Friday we wouldn't go. I bought two things in the mall, two turkey sausages from The Farm (Hickory Farm). I attempted to purchase some items at JC Penney but when the incredibly bitchtacular cashier rudely yelled that the line started in a different location (despite having a clear line), I left the items where I was standing and walked out. We entered and rather quickly left Sears. It seemed sort of uncleaned and very haphazard. In a word it was trashy.

We had a lovely lunch and then hit Target. I had some success at Target, picked up three gifts I believe. So that was a plus. Barnes & Noble, usually a favorite haunt of mine really held nothing for me. I couldn't find the magazine I wanted (perhaps the issue I am looking for is not out yet) and they didn't have the knitting book I wanted to look through and since I don't buy physical books, we just left.

At this point I was tired, achey and sort of crabby. People were pissing me off. We walked to Michael's, where I found some things I wanted but Mom sort of talked me out of it and I figured I could get it online later. (Foreshadowing: I can't!).

We got gas and snacks and headed home. We made it before it got dark (barely) and settled in for the night.  I looked all over the internet for the Michael's items I didn't buy and could not find them anywhere. After a Google search, came to find out they are specific to Michael's and are not sold online. Seriously? I had sort of planned to make a trip to Bozeman today since it is a touch closer but it snowed and I was not willing to deal with the pass for a few little items. Hopefully they will continue to sell them and I can pick them up next time I am near a Michael's or by some miracle someone will sell them online!

And that was Black Friday. It was by far the worst we have ever had. It was not fun at all and was just a total let down.


Anonymous said…
What were the things from Michael's???? Santa is getting his lists ready.

Lady Penguin said…
I knew you were going to ask me what it was! I just knew it!
You know I kinda felt the same way about black friday this year. There was nothing that was worth going out this year. I don't need the electronics and nothing else was catching my eye. I knit and read instead.
Heather said…
I didn't do any shopping that day, though I was amused by the insanity some shoppers get into. The clips on the news of people fighting over items is crazy. Glad that you took a much more calm approach.

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