Ten on Tuesday: November 20. 2012

I thought I would change up the Ten on Tuesday thing a little bit. I find it so hard to follow prompts or themes sometimes, especially when I could never come up with three things, let alone ten things (i.e. horror movies). I am just going to make it random.

Let’s get started.

  1. WaxVac – I don’t know that I would trust a vacuum in my ear. It is too close to my brain and I have burned off enough of those cells already.

  2. Black Friday – it used to be my favorite holiday, now they have ruined it by putting the ads online and beginning things as early as 8:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. What is the point of getting up early on Thanksgiving to look at the ads when they have been online for a few weeks now?

  3. Reruns – tis the season for the repeats to begin on all the television programs. I miss the days where they did holiday episodes. This is why I store programs on my DVR so I have something new to watch.

  4. General Hospital – So Faison is alive and pretending to be Duke to get in the sack with Anna. He revealed himself to Robin & Duke. When he revealed himself, the mask he peeled off included Duke’s hair. So my question is, why when Faison as Duke is with Anna, does she not notice that his hair is not real?

  5. I will be so happy when November is over if for no other reason than we can stop this Thankful project on facebook.  Some people are so damn fake to begin with, but then you add this to the mix? A recipe for annoyance.

  6. Inside Voices – Do you, as you get older, notice that sound bothers you more than it did in the past? There are some very loud people in the office and their voices grate on me. Gone are the days I can block this out. I love the peaceful quiet, I am a bit more productive.

  7. The Holly Station – Dear old Sirius has switched the Love Station over to the Holly Station. They did this a few weeks ago. Now I don’t mind the occasional holiday tune. But I depend on the Love Station to get me through sometimes. Sometimes a girl needs a good love song on her way home to her two dogs.

  8. Flooding – Now I am not talking about the watery kind. I am talking about the email kind. Last Thursday my email was flooded with nothing but problems and issues and stupidity. I actually pulled out a few hairs because it was less painful than dealing with the emails.

  9. Macy’s Parade – Do you watch the whole thing? Do you flip between stations to find the one that has the least amount of commentary? Do you really watch the whole thing? Who has five hours to watch that?

  10. Thankfulness – I don’t do a thankful post because everyone does it and I don’t like to just take one day to be thankful. I am thankful every day for a lot of different things, but most importantly I am most thankful for my parents and my sister. And I just wanted everyone to know that.

So what is happening on this Tuesday for you? Are there ten random things going through your mind? Hit the comments and let me know. You can even give me some topics for next Ten on Tuesday.


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