Questions of the Week: November 4, 2012

Do you find yourself asking a lot of questions? I seem to question just about everything. Here are some of my most intriguing, most bizarre, and most quizzical questions of the week.

  • ·         Why do football games take eight hours to play? Seriously there is a time clock, set at 60 minutes for one game, yet games take all day to play.

  • ·         Why is it that I can pickup and clean at 7:00 p.m. and by 9:30 it looks like I haven’t cleaned in months?

  • ·         Why do we find complete train wrecks so darn attractive/entertaining? I’m looking at you facebook friends.

  • ·         Why doesn’t Google Reader re-subscribe me to blogs I have unsubscribed from?

  • ·         Why do I sound just like Gloria Gaynor in my car and like Goober in my shower?

  • ·         How do you not know who Gloria Gaynor is?

  • ·         Why do we find another $12.57 worth of stuff to buy to get free shipping instead of just paying the $4.50?

  • ·         How do football kickers miss? It’s the only thing they do. Don’t they practice?

So what burning questions did you have this week? Hit the comments and maybe I can find the answers. And if you have the answers to mine, let me know!


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