I thought I had missed the “Blogging Month”. I thought it was in October…Blogtober. Apparently there is a NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month for November.

It seems as though everyone picks November as their “Month”. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, held every November. I am part of another site that holds NoJoMo, November Journaling Month. In December they hold DePhoMo, December Photography Month. One is left to wonder what the next few years will bring.

I am not trying to discredit. I am actually trying to join in. I used to do NoJoMo with such passion. I would force myself to write everyday and if I missed a day, I felt like a failure. I still do stuff like that, but I am learning that a little lapse does not a failure make.

I quit doing NoJoMo because I felt like I was just writing words. Words without meaning. It felt like a chore and not like something I wanted to do. I got nothing out of it and as I grew older it just seemed less and less important.

I tried NaNoWriMo twice. The first year I did not have anything. I didn’t have a story idea, I didn’t have characters, I had nothing. I thought, foolishly, that it would all come to me on November 1st and I would be able to churn out a novel in 30 days. That everything I needed had been planted with the determination to do it and it would fully sprout on November 1st and all I would have to do is cultivate it (very easily) and today I would be living as a great novelist making tons of money and spending my days in a quaint little home office overlooking something quite inspiring. Good God that never happened. My seedlings didn’t sprout, they just left a little nub of a weed.

The second go around at NaNoWriMo, I had at least an idea and I had some characters. So I was set. Things were going to come together. I started at the beginning and then fell limp somewhere after the first chapter. But I had some great stuff for later chapters so I started writing those. Then I couldn’t figure out how to connect them. I was meeting and exceeding my daily word count, but I didn’t have flow. I realized somewhere around the 10th day that I should have prepped a little bit. I should have had the story, the characters AND an outline. Fail. So I quit. What was the point of having lots of little bits, but nothing that tied them together? Plus I might have some sort of ADD where I start doing something with grand plans and then something distracts me. Like Pinterest.

So here I sit again. I have already made the announcement that I don’t plan on doing NoJoMo. But I am announcing today that I am planning on doing NaBloPoMo. If I can get past the name. I thing it is the Blo part that throws me. It just doesn’t seem to work. But in the world of shortening EVERYTHING, I guess that is what you are left with.

I throw out all past instances of failure and start fresh. And as usual I take it to the extreme and extend it across all of my blogs. Is it sad that I have multiple blogs? I am interested and talkative about so many different things that they don’t all seem to fit in the same blog. Perhaps I should examine that further. Like, say in therapy or a twelve step program for procrastinators and wannabe overachievers.

So, here is NaBloPoMo entry number one. Twenty nine more to go. Seems doable.

Are you participating in NaBloPoMo? Are you my sister who has yet to set up her blog? If you are the latter, please email me, I would love nothing more than to set up your blog!

Happy Blogging and Happy November and whatever, if any Na…Mo you are participating in.

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