Having a Voice

Everything today and probably for the next couple of days will be about Election 2012. As I type this, it is all over the television stations. “We interrupt your regularly scheduled programs for Campaign 2012 coverage” all night long!

I do my part. I vote. In fact I voted over a week ago thanks to that wonderful absentee system. It makes voting so much easier. The only hard part is putting on the five stamps it took to mail it back in. Still it is cheaper than getting a parking ticket trying to return it to the courthouse. I often think of how many more people might vote absentee if they provided postage paid envelopes. Imagine it. You don’t have to leave the house at all! No standing in line (I feel for you all in populated areas! Two+ hours in line!?!?), you can do it naked if you want to. All you have to have is a pencil. Just a pencil, nothing else! If I were a clerk and recorder (that is our election official), I would find a way to budget for postage paid absentee envelopes.

I must admit that I was absolutely stunned when the mail man delivered mail today. I thought they got the day off for the federal holiday. I was scheduled to work today (let’s not talk about why I didn’t), but I thought that banks, government offices, etc were all closed. I mean our garbage collectors took the day off! No garbage pickup, but I got mail!?!? How crazy is that???

I won’t be tuning into election coverage. I am most concerned with local races, so I will be checking the websites for updates. Polls don’t close until 8:00, so I would imagine soon after that they will start posting numbers from the absentee ballots they have counted and whatever they have from earlier in the day. The most important local races for me are Chief Executive (think mayor) and Sheriff (we have a one-stop cop shop (sheriff/p.d. combined)). State senator is going to be tight and governor will be as well.

In the next few days we will know who are leaders will be. Some of us will be relieved, some even more stressed. At least we know that we had a voice, win or lose, we get to have a voice and that is what is so amazing about our country.


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