Friday Four: November 2, 2012

Four things I am looking forward to this weekend…

  1. Cleaning. Is anyone ever looking forward to cleaning? I don’t know that I am looking forward to the actual cleaning part as much as I am the result, a clean living space and bathroom!

  2. Reading. I think it is time to pick up a book again. I think I am in a relatively organized place and can fit some fiction in.

  3. Catching Up. I have a few things to catch up on. Filing is a big one, cleaning (as I mentioned), DVR (a few weeks worth of shows there), knitting (I plan on finishing a project), email (my inbox is stuffed!).

  4. Being. I am looking forward to just being, being with my family, with my boys, with myself. Just being peaceful and restful and happy.

Do you have anything that you are looking forward to this weekend? Share it with me. Hit the comments section.


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