Wednesday Roundup: October 31, 2012

I find it hard to believe that October ends today.  I also find it hard to believe that there are only two more months left in 2012!  Let's get to it shall we?

Wednesday Roundup...The Bullet Edition

  • I spent most of Monday evening watching Sandy coverage. I just could not tear myself away. I have a friend who lives outside of Philadelphia and I was concerned about her and her little 7 week old. They are doing well. Power was restored yesterday.
  • I have been on twitter like a pigeon on garbage. I have been so interested in the photos of the destruction caused by Sandy. It is just so unbelievable to me. Also, twitter is good for a laugh when you are down and out.
  • I firmly believed that yesterday was today. Maybe it was more wishful thinking than anything else. I don't know, but I fully expected to have my "beginning of the month" emails this morning and well I didn't.
  • We get on average 0 trick or treaters on Halloween. It actually works out great because we have two big dogs and trying to wrangle them and hand out candy would be a nightmare. I usually put out a sign that says, "Sorry no candy. Elliott & Cooper ate it all". Not that it is really needed. The street is so dark and there are very few houses. I think most people hit the college, treat street, and the more populated streets, the drives, etc.
  • I expect work to be a balance between quiet (in the am) and chaotic (beginning at 1130). All of that is fine with me.  I think.
  • I am close to finishing a project. I am working on the actual finishing touches. Which translates to a lot of sewing and attaching various things. It is going to be cute and it is most likely not going to its intended recipient.
  • I am 100% convinced that I am not going to finish all the Christmas presents I had hoped/planned on. I am also 100% okay with that as I am not one who deals well with the pressure.
  • The weather has been odd.  On Saturday morning we awoke to snow, which melted. The weather has been cool, but the last few days has warmed considerably. It is so odd that they are predicting highs in the 60s today. It is Halloween. Traditionally children have to wear their winter coats and snow boots on Halloween. Odd.
  • I didn't do the Ten on Tuesday yesterday because they were looking for your favorite or top scary movies. I don't watch "scary" movies. I have never been into them. So that was wasted on me.
  • I fear that I have to reset my DVR. It is not allowing me to access On Demand. WTH? Tonight would probably be the best night, as there is very little I record/watch. It could also be that my DVR is conking out. I hope not, because I hate resetting my series recordings! I always miss one or two.
  • Do you hate it when a show you watch/watched is no longer on and nobody bothered to mention it was cancelled? The only reason I know is because I was flipping through my series record list and saw it. So frustrating.
  • Even more frustrating is the fact that I found out that NBC is putting Revolution on hiatus. After the new showings stop (which I am guessing is around the Christmas season), no new shows until March 25th. Wait. What? March 25th? I can't go that long without one of my new favorite shows!
And, that's the roundup!


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