Ten on Tuesday: Treats or Tricks

This week's Ten on Tuesday is about Halloween.  Specifically...

Top Ten Favorite/Least Favorite Halloween Treats


  1. Smarties - I seriously still love them
  2. Bottle Caps - oh the root beer ones are to die for!
  3. Twix - it's candy and a cookie...it's perfect for breakfast
  4. Reese's - I am a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate
  5. Almond Joy
Least Favorite

  1. Bazooka Gum - the flavor lasts for an estimated 2.7 seconds
  2. Dum Dums - that's more like a trick than a treat
  3. Whoppers - I hate malt.  It is so gross
  4. Milk Duds - they nearly pull out your teeth!
  5. Skittles - after the new "SkittlePox" commercial, I don't think I could ever eat them!

What is your favorite or least favorite treat?  


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