Ten On Tuesday: Mystery

Today's Ten on Tuesday is all about my...

Favorite Mystery Books/Authors/Series/Etc.

I am a huge mystery buff so this is fun for me and so much easier than trying to name my top ten biographies!

  1. Poison - Ed McBain
  2. Winter Prey - John Sandford
  3. Hark! - Ed McBain
  4. 3rd Degree - James Patterson
  5. Naked Prey - John Sandford
  6. Heat Lightening - John Sandford
  7. Widows - Ed McBain
  8. Ax - Ed McBain
  9. Wicked Prey - John Sandford
  10. Storm Prey - John Sandford
I think this list could go on forever.  I purposely didn't include any commentary as I hope that you are intrigued to check some of these books out for yourself and hopefully you will fall in love with them!


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