Music Monday: Volume 1 Issue 6

It seems that country music was on heavy rotation today…

1.       Fishin’ In the Dark – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – You won’t find a lot of country music on my iPod.  I sometimes think that Hell is piped in with country music.  But there are a few songs that I really enjoy and this, while twangy, is one of them.  In Montana you don’t get the Lady Gaga’s or Ke$ha’s.  You get country and lots of it.  In my town you don’t get many concerts to begin with so when a group comes to town, you just go.  I saw NGDB with Sawyer Brown and for a few hours I was country.  It’s a catchy tune and takes me back to my teens. 

2.       Love’s Been a Little Bit Hard on Me – Juice Newton – I can’t figure out if this qualifies as country or a crossover.  In any event it is another song that I really enjoy from way back.  I also saw Juice Newton in concert in my little town.  I like that the song kind of tells a story about why she is the way she is.  I often try to figure out where a song would fit in a movie.  I sort of get lost in music sometimes and how it would play in a story.  Perhaps that is that writer inside of me that is trying to claw her way out.

3.       Small Town Saturday Night – Hal Ketchum – I saw Hal Ketchum here too.  Have you noticed something about the concerts in my town?  The artists are not current!  I did sort of see them though while they were still recognized.  I love the story this song tells.  My town is small, but it is not as small as the town in this song, although some of the “events” are true to my town.  It is pretty common for people to grab a six pack and a girl and call that a date.  Or it was.  I think they do other things now, those crazy youngsters.  It’s a catchy tune and it makes my list.  And even with the mullet, Hal Ketchum was a looker!
I rarely admit to liking country music and on a whole I don’t like it.  But every once and again a song or artist comes along that I like.  My reputation though remains firmly planted as anti-country. 

Is there a genre of music that you don’t like but secretly have a song or two from it that is on your rotation?  Do you like or loathe country music?  Do you have a favorite song or artist to share with me to get me to change my mind?  Leave me a note and let me know.  Who knows your suggestion just might make a Music Monday.


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