Music Monday: Volume 1 Issue 5

I have a little tidbit for you today.  Artists, writers, and musicians use color in their work to convey a feeling.  The relationship between color and music is known as Synesthesia.  See I learn some things from school work.

Today I am back to the "Pick Three" or "Random Three"

  1. Cover Girl - New Kids On The Block - This will forever remind me of one of our last "family" vacations.  We (Mom, Pop, Sis and Me) went to Las Vegas for vacation and as always we drove.  Now Dad didn't mind driving per se, but he did mind driving in heavy traffic.  So in an effort to beat the morning commuters, he would get us up at 3:00 in the morning to hit the road (out of the Salt Lake area).  I remember this song playing and spilling Hawaiian Punch on my white tank top.  I also remember that this was the time before CDs and so I had to take the cassette tape out of my Walkman and flip it and fast-forward in order to rewind to hear it over again.  Old school kids, old school!
  2. Set Me In Motion - Bruce Hornsby - Another vacation reminder.  I think we were probably going to Wendover on this particular trip.  I remember recording a mix tape and this was one of the songs.  It is from the movie Backdraft, which was my obsession at the time.
  3. Ready to Go - Republica - on my iPod list because I am Jonesying on 90s music currently.  It takes me back to the latter part of the 1990s and being at the "rink" (Civic Center) for hockey!  I probably cranked this in my car while driving around with the windows down thinking I was cool or something. It is an energizing song and is on my swimming list.  
Do you have a "Vacation" song?  Or do you have a "Sports" song?  Leave me a note and tell me your memories.  


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