Music Monday: Volume 1 Issue 3

Today's entry is a bit late (739 pm) because I was waiting for a delivery of a very special item...

My brand spankin' new WATERPROOF iPod shuffle w/earphones.  You read that right...WATERPROOF.  A swimmer's best friend.  It arrived this evening and after dinner, I set out to design a playlist that I could totally rock out to while doing laps.

I've been swimming for several weeks now and always thought, "Oh, music would be so great."  So I set out one afternoon to find waterproof MP3 players. I ordered one and it was on backorder and wasn't due in until October 12th!  Then I set out on and found this awesome deal!  A genuine iPod shuffle that has been waterproofed.  Perfect!

I can't wait for my swim tomorrow after work.

Here are three random songs that made the playlist

  1. Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
  2. 18 & Life - Skid Row (still going through my 90s phase)
  3. Teeth - Lady Gaga
By the way...there are 74 songs currently.  That is totally subject to change


That's kinda cool. I really need to get back to the gym. Just keep swimming! :)

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