Wednesday Roundup: September 26, 2012

I have to share the cutest story.  Recently a family has moved back in next door to us, this time bringing with them their doberman.  They have kept her on a leash for the most part, but recently put in a fence to give her some room to run and be a little more free.

The other day she was standing at our fence and barking.  I had a little trepidation about getting out of the car because I think she could easily jump the fence.  Also, I didn't want to let Elliott & Cooper out of their kennel if there was a possibility she could get to them.  So I waited until she retreated and then the three of us hauled ass into the house.

Over the weekend we learned that she is very friendly and just likes to bark.  We were also told that she really likes Elliott.  Is that just the cutest?  She has a crush on this guy...

Really though, how could you not?  He is so handsome.

They thought Cooper was a girl.  He's not, he is just a little different.  He squats when he pees, something that we do not find adorable with new sod and he bitches about everything.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  It is so annoying at times and adorable at other times.  But, when I look at him I don't see girl.  Maybe because I know he is a boy, even a confused boy, he still looks boy to me.  But I will let you judge for yourself...

Elliott is by far the most gentle dog we have ever had.  He never grumps, he never tries to bite at you.  He doesn't even play that hard.  He is probably the smartest we have ever had.  We had to put a baby latch on a cupboard because he could open it and he knew that is where we kept his treats.  He knows the term Happy Meal and expects a cheeseburger on Sundays.  And when he loves on you, he loves on you.

Cooper is the jealous type.  The type to push his way into a love fest and take over.  And if he is ignored, he yells at you.  Full on yells at you.  He always responds to "Who Loves Me?" by running over, his whole body wiggling, and giving huge loves.  He has a touch of ADD as he tends to go from playing one game to doing something entirely different.

It's easy to see that these boys are firmly entrenched as family members.  We often don't go on overnight trips together so that they won't have to be boarded or have a sitter.  We have even gone so far as choosing a different seat if they are occupying the one we want.  After all, who wants to remove cuties like that when they look so peaceful.

I really never thought what my 400th post would be about, but I think that this is a very good subject matter. It is special and close to my heart and there are pictures of adorable little boys.  The do not like to be called "dogs", they are our boys.


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