The One with the Finished Photos

My space is finally done!  Actually it was done on Tuesday, but I had to charge a camera battery in order to get decent pictures. 
First up we have the living room area.
I am using my daybed as my couch and just got the new coverings from Bed Bath & Beyond.  I think the shams are those Euro shams and so I would need larger pillows, but for now these will work.  Actually I have added a couple of little old throw pillows that I had made for my grandmothers about thirty three/four years ago.  This will be moved down to be centered along that wall once the cool weather arrives and I remove the window a/c unit.

Here is my bookcase that really needs to be straightened up.  The monkeys are all squished and the Fraggles are on a HUGE shelf.  I need to space those better.  The bottom shelf just has some craft supplies that I wanted easy access to.

This is my workspace.  I am trying to find a way to streamline it so that there isn't so much stuff out, but I haven't quite worked out how to do that yet. 

And here is my entertainment center.  And all of those bins are filled with yarny goodness.  Eventually I want to switch out all the bins to a more neutral shade, but that is a low priority right now.  I am just happy to have it all put together and stashed away.

And now for my bedroom.  Since it is just a sleeping area, it is not very large, but it is totally perfect.

I plan on switching out the curtains once the summer ends as that is a west facing window and gets incredibly HOT during the afternoon/evening hours.  I chose a few special cuddlies to adorn my bed.  I am really into have old things that mean a lot around me right now.

My dresser and a shot of my most favorite piece of art my very first Jack Vetriano print.

And my dress form that is now wearing my mother's wedding dress.  I can't believe I didn't think of using that dress sooner.  I just love it!

So that is my living space.  The bathroom is nothing special and still needs a bit of sprucing up.  My closet was done yesterday and now I can actually walk into it!  It has been just a week since everything was arranged and put together and I am loving it.  I had a little trouble getting to sleep the first couple of nights, but now I am all settled and it is just so comfortable.



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