The One with Chrome

I may be in love with Google Chrome.  I was forced decided to try it today to access a certain blog that doesn't function with IE.  I decided to set up my bookmark bar and then I came home and started to really get into the settings and Holy Pineapples Batman! Am I hooked.  I may have just said goodbye to IE forever.

Is anyone else using Chrome?  Am I the last person to find this (other than my mom who is not really open to change)?  I have been adding "apps" like crazy.  I currently have my twitter feed popping up on screen while I type.  I don't know what is going on in the world tonight, but it is mad crazy.  Actually, it is full of VMA's and Shane Doan staying with the Yotes.

This is the second best thing I have found this week.  I also rediscovered my Keurig and oh am I loving my coffee again!  And it doesn't cost me $3.50!


Anonymous said…
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