Music Monday: Volume 1 Issue 1

I have found that music is a huge part of centering me.  If I need to tune out something at work, or focus my energy into a project, need help falling asleep, or need to feel good, music is that one magic cure all. 

I have fired up the old iPod and set it to shuffle…here are the first three songs and how they make me feel or the memories they invoke.

  1. It Takes Two – DJ Ez Rock & Rob Base – this totally makes me think of hockey.  I think it was on a Jock Jams album and every time I hear it, I am back in the Civic Center watching a junior hockey game. 

  1. Heaven In Your Eyes – Loverboy (Top Gun Soundtrack) – honestly the first thing I am thinking is, “I have to get this off this playlist).  I never really liked Loverboy and this song, well it’s not bad, but it’s just not really my thing right now.  It’s funny; I don’t even remember this in the movie.  And believe me, I remember every single line from that movie!

  1. Here I Go Again – Whitesnake – isn’t everyone’s first thought of Tawnie Kitaen writhing around on the hood of a car?  Am I showing my age again?  Another song I really need to get off my list.  I went through a hair band phase back in June, after seeing Rock of Ages and now I have moved on to the 90’s music, so it doesn’t really fit.  But it is a way better breakup song than anything Taylor Swift ever made.

I hope you play Music Monday.  If you do please leave me a comment with a link.  Or if you just want to comment on these songs, or any song that evokes a memory or feeling, I would love to hear it.  


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