Friday Four: Volume 1 Issue 3

Welcome back for another Friday Four.  This week I am going to stay with last week's theme and tell you the...

Four T.V. Shows I Have Given Up On

  1. Blue Bloods - It just got to be too self-righteous for me.  I usually love Tom Selleck, but in this role I just can't take him.  I love Donnie Wahlberg, but apparently not enough to keep me tuned in.
  2. Glee - I made it through the first two seasons, but after that it was just not happening for me anymore.  I still get on iTunes every week to see if the music is something I want to download, but I only catch episodes hit and miss.  Mostly miss.
  3. The Mentalist - It lost its humor.  Things went kind of dark and all the focus on Red John really turned me off.  I miss the dry humor and the quirkiness.
  4. Hawaii Five-0 - I got bored.  Really bored and so I quit watching.  I think it was right around the episode with James Caan.  I was so excited for it.  To see father and son interacting on screen?  Oh I was so in.  And it was so awful.  The misused both actors and the story was a contrived piece of dung.
Have you stopped watching shows you once couldn't miss?  Let me know in the comments section.  


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