Friday Four: Volume 1 Issue 1

I thought I would try something a little new on Fridays called Friday Four.  I will pick a general topic and then list four things that apply.

Today's Four is...

Four Favorite Authors

  1. Ed McBain - unfortunately deceased, he is my all time favorite.  I have read (at least twice) every 87th Precinct novel.  I took on a huge task of collecting every book in the series (50+).  I had my sister scope out used book stores in her area when living in Utah and ended up with a bag stuffed full. Thankfully airlines didn't charge for baggage back then.  I got them from Amazon, E-bay, anywhere and everywhere I could find them.  They live in the house because they are so precious to me.

    My first read in the series was Poison.  If you love mysteries or police procedurals, I strongly urge you to check out Ed.
  2. John Sandford - easily a favorite.  If I had found him before Ed, he would be my top author.  I love his character Lucas Davenport.  I love even more that I found his facebook page and that he is doing little q&a videos.  A very strong writer who keeps you guessing throughout.  Cannot give him enough stars!
  3. James Patterson - I read his Women's Murder Club series and although I don't feel he writes most the later books, I still enjoy them (with the exception of this last one) and since his name is in big bold letters, he makes the list.
  4. Sylvia Day - I am giving her a nod because I really liked Bared To You and it was one of the last books I read.
  5. Ridley Pearson - I don't know that he is writing adult fiction still. I enjoyed his Boldt/Matthews series, but he seemed to get away from that.  Art of Deception was the first book in the series I read, and then immediately had to go back to the beginning and start.  The last book that came out in the series was kind of slow and a little lackluster.  I would love to catch up with those characters again though.
I didn't think it would be hard to come up with four authors I liked, but then I realized that I am very selective about what I read.  After all, if I am going to invest that much time into something, I want to make sure I enjoy it. 

Do you have a favorite author or many authors?  Leave me a note with your likes and give me some ideas on who to check out!

Ooh and head on over the The Fat Journals to see what kind of foody/healthy/fatty things are on my Friday Four.


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