I honestly feel like I don't speak the language anymore.  The "Social Media Generation" or Gen SM has completely disregarded the English language.

Now I am a social media maven.  I tweet, facebook, pin(terest) and on occasion text.  One thing I always make sure is that if I can't get my thought out in 140-160 characters without truncating words, then I re-word it.  I hate nothing more than when someone drops in a YOLO, KWIM?

No I don't Know What you Mean!  I had been reading a blog for a good long while and she kept dropping in KWIM.  I had no clue what she was trying to say.  I finally had to Google it.  Know What I Mean.  It was  a blog!  A BLOG!  What makes a person think that it is okay to truncate words into these silly acronyms on blogs?

The occasional mistype, spelling error that spell check didn't pick up is understandable.  But to not even use spell check?  That is inconceivable.  And inconsiderate.

I partially blame Payless Shoes.  They started the whole BOGO thing and from there it has mushroomed.  I fear that spelling tests will soon be Yo-Lo.  A quiz will ask, "What does BRB stand for?"

And Fro-Yo.  Really, it is that hard to say Frozen Yogurt?  I got some frozen yogurt yesterday and as I was enjoying it, I was reading a blog in which they went and got fro-yo.  Mind Explosion.

I often wonder if at some point we will go back to Shakespearean times, "Where for art thou".  Because isn't everything supposed to come full circle?  I wonder how long it takes for grammar/speech?  Because unfortunately it didn't take that long for 80's fashion!

Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to truncating words?  Are you a BOGO-er?  Let me know in the comments section!

Update: I am totally in love with Chrome!  It is taking some getting use to, but it is awesome!


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