T.V. Time: Volume 1 Issue 4

The Closer
Original Air Date: August 13, 2012
Watch Date: August 13, 2012

The Closer came to an end, sort of, on Monday evening.  I only watched the last three episodes.  They lost me somewhere a few years ago.  I just didn’t care to see the whole “legal” drama unfold.  I couldn’t stand the way she treated her husband Fritz.  I mean honestly a wife who drinks wine in front of her recovering husband?  It just wasn’t the show I loved the first few seasons. Plus Mr. Farmers Insurance was on my very last nerve.  But I pulled through the final three episodes to see how it all played out.  And how could I miss the last episode with Billy Burke? Yummy.  I recently found out he is in the Twilight house of horror series and well it…yeah no it didn’t make me want to see them.  But he is just great. 

I thought the hour was a little lackluster.  It was all wrapped up pretty with a little bow on top.  Plus it continued in the next hour, just with Brenda away in Atlanta or off in the DA’s office.  Whatever.  I expected more.

Major Crimes
Original Air Date: August 13, 2012
Watch Date: August 13, 2012

Since I was already comfortable, I thought why not watch part two of The Closer.  I was a wee bit confused at the beginning. It was lost on me that there was an undercover gig for a while.  And I never was quite sure who was in charge.  I felt for Provenza when Taylor introduced Raydor as the new “commanding” officer.  I felt he was very justified in the way he responded given the situation that had just went down. I also felt for him when they basically gave that kid a free pass with the plea bargain.  Then she explained the whole gist of it and I was a little more on board.  I just don’t think that they should have blindsided everyone the way they did. I think they needed to have a family meeting to set things straight. 

As always I give a show a couple of episodes before I make my final decision on whether it stays on DVR series recording rotation.

Now backtracking a little…

Original Air Dates: August 1, 2012 & August 8, 2012
Watch Date: August 10, 2012

I am not going to lie I wanted to stay home on Friday and watch these two episodes after I spent some quality time with my DVR & knitting the night before.  But I did the responsible thing and went to work.  Where I tried to find them online through a site that had decent streaming, but alas it didn’t happen.  Damn you Hulu for not having Dallas.

They kind of ran together.  So I will just give some overall thoughts.  First, John Ross is a dipshit.  Of course Elena was going to be listening when he said, “Please don’t tell Elena”.  Rookie mistake.  Is it just me or does JR creep anyone else out?  How much work has old Larry had done?  Botox? Eyes? Lifts?  He sort of reminds me of the Crypt Keeper.

Can this please be the end of Bobby’s ailments?  Cancer, and aneurysm?  What next?  The writers didn’t have to throw all the “drama” into the first season!  Space this stuff out.

Christopher has to be the weakest man on earth and the dumbest.  Why didn’t he have Rebecca checked out after the whole “I conned you into marrying me”?  Seriously not a smart Texan.  And it was pretty skanky of him to take Elena to a hoe-tel.  It didn’t look like a classy joint. 

And what the hell was up with that ending?  I mean this is Dallas and that is the biggest thing they can come up with to “shock” me?  Why didn’t someone shoot JR?  I mean that would have been so perfect?  Why was the only nod to the past, the stupid office space?  Really the only thing you have in your pocket is Cliff Barnes?  It would have been better if it had been Pamela.  It also felt sort of incestuous.  I know Christopher is adopted and isn’t a blood relative of Cliff’s and Rebecca’s but still that is just gross.  Wouldn’t he kind of know about a cousin? 

And dear Ann & Sue Ellen.  Good lord Sue Ellen wears a lot of eye makeup.  She looks like a stuck up raccoon.  And Ann.  Well I like her, I do. She is sassy and boy did she play her ex.  That was a nice bright spot.  I still need to know the back story with her though.  But thanks to Bobby, that has been burned. I hope the writer’s don’t drop that. 

I am assuming that it will be back in the late fall/early winter for a few episodes to tide us over.

And finally…

Rizzoli & Isles
Original Air Date: August 14, 2012
Watch Date: August 14, 2012

Why does every other episode have to have one of the ladies in peril?  It is sort of played out.  And ugh, Eddie Cibrian?  He was supposed to pull of a man of 36?  Please.  I am 36.  No wait, I am 26.  Yes, I am 26.  But still he does not come off as a 36 year old writer.  He comes off as a douche.  I sort of want someone to take aim and shoot that dimple right off.  We have some gold medalist shooters don’t we?  He wasn’t even a good soap actor.  And Maura is not 36 either.  They did hit one thing right, they are the same age, but they are 39!

Seriously though, who didn’t know who the bad guy was?  It followed the formula.  And the whole ending with the literal baby on the door step?  Why wasn’t Tommy or Frankie or Angela with Lydia?  I mean she was birthing in the police station hallway and they were all there when Jane left.  So why would Lydia have been alone to drop the baby off?  Continuity is a big thing with me these days.  Big!

That is coming back in late November I believe for a limited run to tide us over.  I still like the show, I am just over the woman in peril thing.  Bring Billy Burke back.  He’s hot and I like him.


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