T.V. Time: Volume 1 Issue 3

I really didn’t intend to have a T.V. Time post today, but I just have to talk about Rookie Blue.

Two week’s ago they aired the first of a two-parter. I waited until I could watch them both together. So last night I hunkered down with some knitting and caught the first episode. Nothing really too surprising, I knew the gist going in and knew how it would end. Gail goes undercover to try and catch a predator. They think they have the guy, but it turns out they don’t. She gets into a cab and heads back to Andy’s place, while Andy waits for Sam to pick her up. After some thought, Sam takes Andy home and she finds an unconscious Gail and is then drugged herself. To Be Continued…

So last night’s episode is all about finding Gail. Andy’s fine, he didn’t hurt her, just drugged her. So they are looking for a possible serial killer and they figure they have about 14 hours to find Gail, who is being held in a basement by some whack job with wing tips. The guy they busted in the u/c prostitution sting is not their guy, shucks. Dov & Chris get to go through 911 calls that reference a missing girl. Just as Chris wants to skip one, it yields some information which in the end leads them to a dead girl. The missing dead girl. Nicole, maybe. Whatever, it’s not Gail, but now they have a lead of sorts. Oh and guess who shows up to help? Luke. Luke looks like he sleeps in a gutter. I want to say they said he is working for the Marshals. I am not 100% on that. I didn’t know that Canada had Marshals, but I am not all up on their law enforcement system. Heck I barely can figure out ours. So, Luke is helping and it is awkward for Andy & Sam. Tension fills the air. But they now have something to go on. They start looking at the hotel employees where the sting went down and Andy is quick to jump on the bartender, but Jerry isn’t so sure. He is frustrated because he jumped the wrong guy and needs to play it safe and slow. The whole time all this is going down, Tracy is with Noelle waiting first on Andy’s lab results and second on Noelle’s baby to arrive. Jerry decides to talk to the cab driver that picked Gail up and dropped her off. He is invited into the house and then we see his awful shoes. HE’S THE GUY! So they talk & then Jerry drops the bomb that Gail is a cop and well I start to see what is going on and I am not happy about it.

SPOILER ALERT. Seriously if you do not want to be spoiled, do not read on.

The cabbie is a former doctor (I am assuming he got his licensed yanked for doing something horrible, and if they said what it was, it was lost somewhere around the time he pulled a knife) who Jerry now realizes is the bad dude. Just as he draws his gun, Cabbie moves in close and stabs him in the stomach and then twists the knife. Jerry falls to the floor, Cabbie takes the gun and goes and gets Gail and yells at her for being a cop. Sam is calling Jerry now because he and Andy realize it is the cabbie. Jerry hasn’t been able to work his new phone for weeks, but manages to get something working and pulls himself together. As Cabbie and Gail come up the stairs, Jerry jumps Cabbie and tries to fight him. Cabbie takes Jerry down with a Brent Johnson like punch (reference February 2011 Penguins/Isles game and Rick Dipietro). Cabbie leaves with Gail. Sam and Andy arrive, see Jerry’s car and ring the bell. No answer, they look in and Sam sees Jerry lying on the floor and busts in. He rushes to help Jerry and finds out that Jerry put his phone in Cabbie’s pocket and they can trace it to find out where he is. Medics arrive to help Jerry. Gail is rescued by Dov, Chris & Nick. She will be okay and Cabbie will be going to prison (I don’t think Canada has the death penalty).

Everyone is at the hospital waiting on word about Jerry and Andy can’t get a hold of Tracy. She helped Noelle deliver a really beautiful little girl. She checks her messages and rushes to the waiting area where she finds out that Jerry has died. At this point a really sad song plays and I have tears streaming down my face.

Oh it was so sad. I was crushed. Jerry is number two behind Sam for me on this show. So I about had a meltdown when I realized that he would be no longer. I just can’t believe they went there. I thought for sure Gail would be the victim. She doesn’t have a real part on the show and I just didn’t think people liked her, so while it may be sad for her co-workers it would not have crushed my spirit and possibly ruined my weekend. Jerry was funny and hot and had a huge role. I just…have no words.

Then they go and show previews and it looks like Sam is going to blame Andy and they are going to have issues. There is going to be a funeral and that will probably make me cry. I hope to find out what Noelle names her little girl. I hope that at the end of the show Sam & Andy kiss and make up because I need a happy ending.

On a side note, how different did Andy look when undercover? I mean she didn’t look like a boy with long hair, she looked HOT. And another thing, I love Tracy, but why does she only have one color in her closet? She is always wearing gray or sometimes purple. They seemed to always match her and Jerry. It was cute, but corny. Ugh…no more Jerry. Sad face.


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