TV Time: Volume 1 Issue 2

I have a couple of shows that I watched over the weekend that I wanted to talk about today. It is true, I don’t watch the Olympics 24/7.

Covert Affairs
USA Network
Original Air Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Watch Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012

I just can’t sit still and watch this show “live”. Half of the time I am doing something else and need to rewind because I get “lost”. I like the idea of the show, I just don’t like some of the actors. I was a wee bit excited when I thought that perhaps we had seen the last of Nina Lina. I don’t like her. I like Joan. Lina is shady. I think it is the actress. She was sketchy on 24 and I still think she is sketchy. I don’t like her kind of cavalier attitude and approach to things. She seems to have no qualms about putting agents in jeopardy. After all she basically told Annie to sleep with Simon. So when she said she was sending Annie back to DPD (which I do not understand what all these acronyms are for), I was so happy. Now we just need Mr. Eyebrows to put Auggie back there and all will be right with the world (except that Piper Perabo is still on this show).

I was also happy to see Danielle is on her way to California. She seemed like an extra they just didn’t need. Wouldn’t the cliché have been made if Annie didn’t have any family? I watch A LOT of television, so I am pretty up on my clichés.

The ending left me with some questions. First, isn’t Simon going to want to go to Annie’s apartment? And since she was “made” wouldn’t they have cleaned that all up? So where are they going to go? What is up with the time continuum on that show? One minute it is daytime, the next night, then switch to another “storyline” and it is daytime again. It is too confusing. I hate not knowing how much time is passing.

Another question, why does Noam Jenkins look so hot on Rookie Blue and on Covert Affairs he looks like a goober?

All the Right Moves
Original Air Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Watch Date: Sunday, August 5, 2012

I decided to watch this after I saw it listed in the “What to Watch” section of Entertainment Weekly. I watched for a couple of reasons:

First, I know who two of the main four are (Travis & Nick (both from SYTYCD). Second, it is a dance show right? Third, I figured it would be talked about on the Ravelry SYTYCD forum and I didn’t want to be left out.

Now that I have watched it, I have some issues.

• These are men in their mid to late twenties. At least that is what I kind of deduced. Men that are starting their own dance company that they want to profit from. Adults doing adult business. So riddle me this batdog, why do they act like little children?

o Travis talks in baby talk to his boyfriend. BABY TALK. An emmy nominated choreographer talks in baby talk. Are you freaking kidding me?

o Nick seems to have some sort of gay ADD. I find him so physically attractive, but when he opens his mouth he is a total turn off.

o Teddy & Kyle seem to be the most adult people there are in that house.

• I think it was crap to invite Kyle to move to LA to be a part of this dance company and them make him audition. That was so cold.

• Taja has an attitude problem and she is lucky it wasn’t my dance company because she would not be in it.

• I still don’t like Melanie/Melody whatever the hell her name is from last season. Cannot stand her.

• I don’t think Travis really wants to share this company with his friends/partners. I think he wants to do everything his way. I think he wants it to be Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound (I think that was what was proposed by his agent staff (seriously three agents?)). With that said I don’t blame Teddy & Nick for being pissed off a bit.

• Really they need to act like adults. I can’t imagine if I were an investor and I sank a chunk of money into their company and then saw this episode…whoo. I would not be investing any more money in them.

I will give the show at least one more episode, maybe two. If it doesn’t get drastically better then it will not stay on the DVR rotation.

I have been watching some of the Olympics, but I am not really a summer sort of girl. I also cannot stand any of the NBC commentators with the exception of John McEnroe. The events I want to watch are rarely shown in primetime. I am ready for it all to be over with.


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