The One with Operation Rejuvenate

I have decided once again to undertake a huge task and rejuvenate my space.  I am flipping my rooms!  It is exciting, exhausting, daunting, crazy, and mind boggling all at the same time.  I did this, sort of, nine months ago.  It was a big big rearrangement, but it was so worth it.  Until now.  Something has felt kind of off, I wasn't comfortable with my space anymore.  I needed a change.  Maybe it isn't even with the space, it is something within me and I just need a change, so this is the easiest way to do it.

Nine months ago, I didn't paint, this time I am going to paint.  What is becoming my new bedroom is this horrible yellow-green that is way past its time.  It is scuffed and marred, and just really gross.  But more on that later...first let me show you what I have to work through...
(please excuse my crappy phone pics)

This corner is leaving completely.  Those green and purple things?  Those are yarn bins.  Those cubbies along with a new, yet to be built, bigger one are going to be my entertainment center.  I will have those in my living room with the television/cable box/Blue Ray players on top, some books/knick knacks/DVDs/yarn in the cubbies.

This bookcase is getting a makeover and will be in the living room as well.  It will still be Penguin central, just a bit tidier and will have probably some books/DVDs in it as well

These boxes need to be gone through and stuff needs to be going away.  Some of it is sewing stuff and that will be put into a re-purposed storage system.

This stuff is being donated to a thrift store.  Not the cleaner in the basket, and as of twenty minutes ago, not the Penguin.  Elliott sort of eyed the Penguin and then it attacked him and then Cooper came to the rescue (of the Penguin) and he is going to stay in our house and most likely join Cooper's Army of Bigs that guard the food dish and kitchen.

This is half of my desk. I have to clean all this off and then dismantle part of it and re-purpose it as my new smaller desk in my living room.  I also have to throw most of the crap that is on it away.  Yeah.

And this is where I am currently trying to work on this post and a few other things.  The bookcase is going to become a storage unit in an unused closet and will house the charging station in my new bedroom. 

And now about the color.  I have been crushing on GRAY!  I love the neutrality of it and the versatility you have with accent colors.  I am searching for the perfect bedspread/shams.  First I was going with a Gray & Yellow theme, but now I am considering Gray & Plum/Eggplant/Lilac scheme.  I think it will all depend on the bedding and accents that I find.  I sort of love my plum curtains in the room already, so we will see.

The lineup of color choices.  Such a daunting task trying to pick the perfect shade.  I will be painting the walls and ceiling the same color, so I don't want to go too dark and live in a cave.

Snowfall & Grayish (the top two) are contenders.  I think Snowfall is a little too light and I will end up with the same marrings I have now. 

March Wind is nice, but may be a little too dark.  But it is in the top three choices.

And finally...Knitting Needles.  It's sort of perfect, right?  I mean is that a sign?  Is that my color?  Why would they have a gray neutral named Knitting Needles if it wasn't meant to be?

I think it is easy to see which one I am leaning towards. 

My wall decor is going to be relatively girly.  I have a black metal dress form wall hanging with a little bling, a couple of Jack Vetriano prints, of which at least one will make the room, and I saw some wall decals online that I think would be just about perfect for the space. 

The bedroom will have NO television and iPad use will be limited.  It will mostly be a quiet space for reading and sleeping. 

Now I just have to get it all done.  What I don't have a photo of is/was my massive "craft station".  It is a huge wooden desk with a hutch, file drawer, two cubbies and two small drawers.  I spent a good portion of the week nights getting that cleaned off.  Then yesterday we worked like heck trying to get that bad boy out.  It is big and awkward and heavy.  It has been moved a few times and it is never fun.  It is now out of the house and fingers crossed it stays together to store some stuff in the garage. 

I think I threw two reams of paper away yesterday!  I think I may go through the sewing notions box and clean that out.  Then it will be time for a rest and some knitting.

I will be back in the next few days to give you my thoughts on the Dallas season finale.  Yep, I finally sat down and watched it!

I wish you all a happy week ahead, whether you stay "home" or whether you are on the "9 to 5" track, enjoy each day!


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