The One Where I Use the iPad

I am not quite sure how this works.  I am using a Google Docs app for the iPad that is supposed to post to my blog, but I don't know what is going on.  I feel like there should be a large book to accompany this.  Perhaps I am not as technologically advanced as I once thought I was.

I do owe you an apology.  I believe I said that I would be a better blogger in July and I sort of tanked early and then late.  I also missed my blogiversary.  That is what I love about a new month.  Day one is a clean slate, a chance to start anew.  Somewhere around Day five is where I falter and the whole month turns into a giant disaster.  But I keep trying.  Nobody likes a quitter right?  Except when they are arguing with you.

I have been trying to use Instagram more.  Not that I have a lot of fun things to take pictures of.  There are a lot of boy pictures, and a few fibery delight photos.  I am, as always, LdyPngn.  

If you ever wondered about my "name" is simple.  That is my license plate.  I am Lady Penguin or LdyPngn.  I am a HUGE Pittsburgh Penguin fan as you should know by now so when it came to getting my first car, I thought, I need something special.  It just fit.  If I were to get them new today, I would have to cut out a letter.  I definitely make sure to renew.  No way I want anyone to take my tag.  

Well that is what I have for now.  I don't have any photos on here of the only WiP I am currently making progress on.  I do plan on getting a picture as soon as I get home and getting it up.  It is so exciting to be at the "half way" point.

Here's hoping this works!


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