The One Where the Computer is Lost...Sort Of

What a weekend.  And by that I mean, what an incredibly exhausting weekend.  I can only look forward to an even more exhausting week.  But by the end of August 26, 2012, the Great Move of 2012 will be complete and I can start planning the Great Move of 2013.

I am sure I have mentioned that last November, I completed the Great Move of 2011.  And by Great Move, I mean moving two rooms completely around.  Yes, yes it is becoming an annual event.  We have such fun doing it and by fun I mean agonizing back pain, multiple trips to the shed/garage, oodles of bags of garage and multiple loads of laundry.  As a special treat this year, organizers (me) decided to throw in a day of painting.  You heard that right folks, an entire day of PAINTING.  Woo Hoo!

I would have loved to have written last night, if only my head were not so drawn to any sort of soft surface and if my feet, hip, and back would have allowed me to do more than roll off my new "couch" (daybed used as a couch).  But I am afraid even if that had been allowed, this would have stopped me dead in my tracks...

That's my computer.  Trust me it's there.

This is my workspace.  There is a surface under all of that, I do not lie. 

I would have had to navigate through this and quite honestly I don't know if there are alligators lurking in there or not. 
And this is my bed. My wonderfully comfortable, big enough to sleep on bed.

I don't know what is wrong with blogger.  It is not letting me center what I want to center and align what I want to align.  And quite honestly I have a shred of patience left for this day and I have to save it for moving that lovely bed up there into my new "living room" floor so that I can sleep in the manner to which I have become so lovingly accustomed too.  I slept on the new couch last night and at some point woke up and was so scrunched up that I could have been a pretzel.  The pain of stretching out of that was immense. 

I am fairly certain that in the next few weeks my body will stage a revolt and walk out on me.  I plan on hitting the gym in earnest next week.  I figure this week I will have enough exercise trying to empty that room in the after work hours and spending a lovely day off painting.  Yay Me!

* I may have figured out that pesky blogger problem.  It seems I am not slow patient enough to deal with what I am assuming is a male "brain"

The "living" space is looking quite lovely and soon there will be a new cover for the couch, along with oodles of pillows because I have oodles of pillows.

I will see you all in the next few days for updates and progress reports.  Perhaps.  I hope to have the computer in its new space by 9:00 MST tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed.


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