The One That Is So Long

I'm sort of ready to call it a day and lie down with the iPad and mindlessly thumb through the Soap Opera Digest or Cosmo.  Both are equally vapid.  But instead I have decided to thrill you with some mindless reading of your own.

This might have been my Hell Week.  I did the college thing, but I did not do the sorority or club thing.  I was a loner, dorky girl who would probably be pegged as someone likely to show up with a gun by today's standards.  And this is not relevant to my Hell Week at all, other than Hell Week ties to college which is getting ready to start tomorrow in this sleepy little town (and throughout the state's university system).

So my week started off say last Sunday.  I spent the day moving stuff and building stuff and my new living room was nice and somewhat put together.  I slept on the couch which is actually a day bed, which is a twin size bed.  I woke up sometime in the middle of the night curled into the tightest ball ever and you could actually hear creaking when I uncurled myself.  The pain was incredible.  Monday was a work day and I tried to stay at my desk as much as possible.  It also might have been the longest most quietest Monday ever on record.  That night I moved my mattress and box springs into the middle of the new living room for what I hoped would be a restful night's sleep.  It was decent. 

Tuesday was another of those quiet days at work, a day in which I found myself alone for lunch so I did the dumbest thing I could.  I got takeout from the Chinese buffet.  The rest of the day was normal, the night was fine.  I got some things done, got the desk moved and put together in the living room, watched a show, had a good time.

Now Wednesday would be when Hell Week hit its peak.  I woke up feeling really ill.  Like really ill.  I had a fleeting thought that I may have picked up a small bit of the flu from little Dane who was visiting at work on Monday as he had it over the weekend and his family stayed home from work on Tuesday as they all had it.  So, maybe I got a touch from him when he spent some time fondling my iPad and other desk accessories.  Then I hit rock bottom and was desperate, so with a little help, I made a deposit of sorts and it hit me.  I had Flud Poisoning (a little bit of flu, a little bit of food poisoning).  Yeah, that Chinese buffet thing will probably never see me again.  And I am off of chicken for a while.  The belly aches were one thing, the body and head aches were another.  I could not eat anything, so therefore I didn't feel I should take any sort of pain reliever.  I suffered, but I made it through and got to Thursday. 

Thursday was fine.  Quite unremarkable really.  I went on an after work trek to Wal-Mart, which on a Thursday afternoon at the end of summer, really should be equivalent to some sort of mountain hike, to get my paint.  I had picked my color, I picked my brand, I picked my finish.  I was ready.  I got two gallons of Glidden (paint and primer in one) in a semi-gloss in the Sherwin-Williams Knitting Needles color, a roller, covers and for fun some new colored pencils and pencil case and well a new pen, because clearly I don't have the right one.  I was ready.  Had dinner, actual food this time too.  Moved out a bookcase, rolled up some carpet.  Got a restful night's sleep.

Friday was P Day.  It was painting day and I still felt a little on the weak side of life.  I had barely managed to eat a real meal since Tuesday at that point, so I did the right thing for breakfast.  Some Ritz crackers and a Diet Coke.  Perfect.  I was ready.  Only I wasn't.  I was not ready for the heft of that paint roller. My god do they make the insides out of gold?  I mean seriously once it even smelled the paint it just weighted itself down.  I pushed through and got the first coat done.  Then I took a rest to let it dry and to nap refresh myself.  I watched an episode of House Hunters that I had seen many times before and got back to it.  I had a goal in mind.  I wanted to be done by two.  I was done by 11:30.  Painted, cleaned up and scrubbed clean by 12:30.  I settled in on the couch to watch some television.  Then on my bed, then on the couch, then on my bed.  I just couldn't figure out where I wanted to be. 

The sod laying men came at 2:00 to lay well the new sod.  They were hear about an hour and a half, an hour and a half during which I had planned on napping.  It did not happen. I was too nervous that they would knock on the door looking for money or asking me to approve their work.  That is too much stress to have when trying to nap.  Thankfully Momma arrived in time to deal with all that.  This was her little project.  It looks quite lovely and I think is already cutting down on the amount of dirst in the house.  Dirst, in case you are not familiar with it is a combination of dust and dirt.  Usually more heavy on dirt.  Dinner, some watering and another restful night.

Saturday was M Day.  Moving day.  It was a long day.  The actual moving of the furniture was easy.  After all it was just going through the kitchen and down the hall.  The bedroom came together like magic.  The living room well that is where I met Satan.  Boxes upon boxes of crap that I can't seem to get rid of, yet can't seem to find an immediate use for either.  I got rid of some stuff, I threw some stuff away and then I did what I usually do and crammed a lot of stuff into boxes and shoved them under the couch.  Hi Old Habits, you found me. 

It is now 6:21 p.m. on Sunday evening, I have officially stashed everything "away" and can now relax and think about the week ahead.  And when I think of the week ahead, I think ahead to the long weekend and to the day I have set aside to tackle my closet.  That effectively translates into a weekEND of culling my clothing down to five work outfits and folding all of my comfy clothes while telling myself why they are not appropriate for work.  It also means looking at my shoes and saying, "No wonder I am single, I wear orthopedic looking clunkers that make my legs look as fat as they are." I also know that there are two boxes in there with more crap that I have no clue what to do with.  Can you spell fun!?!  F-U-N!

I finally got a monster on Friday.  Only a week late.  Lucky him I have no adventures planned other than a week of work and a weekend of staying IN the closet. 

I will leave you with a before and after shot of the new lawn (only because I have not taken any after shots of the new rooms or really anything else.  I saved us all by keeping all electronics away from me on Wednesday).


(we had been soaking that mud all darn week)
Lush green with a two foot dog run boarder

I have some exciting stuff (at least for me) that I really do plan on sharing with you later this week.


Heather said…
yippee, new grass, I hope you are getting enough rain.

your yard is done and your house is ready, what's next? time for fun...

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