Sunday, August 26, 2012

The One That Is So Long

I'm sort of ready to call it a day and lie down with the iPad and mindlessly thumb through the Soap Opera Digest or Cosmo.  Both are equally vapid.  But instead I have decided to thrill you with some mindless reading of your own.

This might have been my Hell Week.  I did the college thing, but I did not do the sorority or club thing.  I was a loner, dorky girl who would probably be pegged as someone likely to show up with a gun by today's standards.  And this is not relevant to my Hell Week at all, other than Hell Week ties to college which is getting ready to start tomorrow in this sleepy little town (and throughout the state's university system).

So my week started off say last Sunday.  I spent the day moving stuff and building stuff and my new living room was nice and somewhat put together.  I slept on the couch which is actually a day bed, which is a twin size bed.  I woke up sometime in the middle of the night curled into the tightest ball ever and you could actually hear creaking when I uncurled myself.  The pain was incredible.  Monday was a work day and I tried to stay at my desk as much as possible.  It also might have been the longest most quietest Monday ever on record.  That night I moved my mattress and box springs into the middle of the new living room for what I hoped would be a restful night's sleep.  It was decent. 

Tuesday was another of those quiet days at work, a day in which I found myself alone for lunch so I did the dumbest thing I could.  I got takeout from the Chinese buffet.  The rest of the day was normal, the night was fine.  I got some things done, got the desk moved and put together in the living room, watched a show, had a good time.

Now Wednesday would be when Hell Week hit its peak.  I woke up feeling really ill.  Like really ill.  I had a fleeting thought that I may have picked up a small bit of the flu from little Dane who was visiting at work on Monday as he had it over the weekend and his family stayed home from work on Tuesday as they all had it.  So, maybe I got a touch from him when he spent some time fondling my iPad and other desk accessories.  Then I hit rock bottom and was desperate, so with a little help, I made a deposit of sorts and it hit me.  I had Flud Poisoning (a little bit of flu, a little bit of food poisoning).  Yeah, that Chinese buffet thing will probably never see me again.  And I am off of chicken for a while.  The belly aches were one thing, the body and head aches were another.  I could not eat anything, so therefore I didn't feel I should take any sort of pain reliever.  I suffered, but I made it through and got to Thursday. 

Thursday was fine.  Quite unremarkable really.  I went on an after work trek to Wal-Mart, which on a Thursday afternoon at the end of summer, really should be equivalent to some sort of mountain hike, to get my paint.  I had picked my color, I picked my brand, I picked my finish.  I was ready.  I got two gallons of Glidden (paint and primer in one) in a semi-gloss in the Sherwin-Williams Knitting Needles color, a roller, covers and for fun some new colored pencils and pencil case and well a new pen, because clearly I don't have the right one.  I was ready.  Had dinner, actual food this time too.  Moved out a bookcase, rolled up some carpet.  Got a restful night's sleep.

Friday was P Day.  It was painting day and I still felt a little on the weak side of life.  I had barely managed to eat a real meal since Tuesday at that point, so I did the right thing for breakfast.  Some Ritz crackers and a Diet Coke.  Perfect.  I was ready.  Only I wasn't.  I was not ready for the heft of that paint roller. My god do they make the insides out of gold?  I mean seriously once it even smelled the paint it just weighted itself down.  I pushed through and got the first coat done.  Then I took a rest to let it dry and to nap refresh myself.  I watched an episode of House Hunters that I had seen many times before and got back to it.  I had a goal in mind.  I wanted to be done by two.  I was done by 11:30.  Painted, cleaned up and scrubbed clean by 12:30.  I settled in on the couch to watch some television.  Then on my bed, then on the couch, then on my bed.  I just couldn't figure out where I wanted to be. 

The sod laying men came at 2:00 to lay well the new sod.  They were hear about an hour and a half, an hour and a half during which I had planned on napping.  It did not happen. I was too nervous that they would knock on the door looking for money or asking me to approve their work.  That is too much stress to have when trying to nap.  Thankfully Momma arrived in time to deal with all that.  This was her little project.  It looks quite lovely and I think is already cutting down on the amount of dirst in the house.  Dirst, in case you are not familiar with it is a combination of dust and dirt.  Usually more heavy on dirt.  Dinner, some watering and another restful night.

Saturday was M Day.  Moving day.  It was a long day.  The actual moving of the furniture was easy.  After all it was just going through the kitchen and down the hall.  The bedroom came together like magic.  The living room well that is where I met Satan.  Boxes upon boxes of crap that I can't seem to get rid of, yet can't seem to find an immediate use for either.  I got rid of some stuff, I threw some stuff away and then I did what I usually do and crammed a lot of stuff into boxes and shoved them under the couch.  Hi Old Habits, you found me. 

It is now 6:21 p.m. on Sunday evening, I have officially stashed everything "away" and can now relax and think about the week ahead.  And when I think of the week ahead, I think ahead to the long weekend and to the day I have set aside to tackle my closet.  That effectively translates into a weekEND of culling my clothing down to five work outfits and folding all of my comfy clothes while telling myself why they are not appropriate for work.  It also means looking at my shoes and saying, "No wonder I am single, I wear orthopedic looking clunkers that make my legs look as fat as they are." I also know that there are two boxes in there with more crap that I have no clue what to do with.  Can you spell fun!?!  F-U-N!

I finally got a monster on Friday.  Only a week late.  Lucky him I have no adventures planned other than a week of work and a weekend of staying IN the closet. 

I will leave you with a before and after shot of the new lawn (only because I have not taken any after shots of the new rooms or really anything else.  I saved us all by keeping all electronics away from me on Wednesday).


(we had been soaking that mud all darn week)
Lush green with a two foot dog run boarder

I have some exciting stuff (at least for me) that I really do plan on sharing with you later this week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The One Where the Computer is Lost...Sort Of

What a weekend.  And by that I mean, what an incredibly exhausting weekend.  I can only look forward to an even more exhausting week.  But by the end of August 26, 2012, the Great Move of 2012 will be complete and I can start planning the Great Move of 2013.

I am sure I have mentioned that last November, I completed the Great Move of 2011.  And by Great Move, I mean moving two rooms completely around.  Yes, yes it is becoming an annual event.  We have such fun doing it and by fun I mean agonizing back pain, multiple trips to the shed/garage, oodles of bags of garage and multiple loads of laundry.  As a special treat this year, organizers (me) decided to throw in a day of painting.  You heard that right folks, an entire day of PAINTING.  Woo Hoo!

I would have loved to have written last night, if only my head were not so drawn to any sort of soft surface and if my feet, hip, and back would have allowed me to do more than roll off my new "couch" (daybed used as a couch).  But I am afraid even if that had been allowed, this would have stopped me dead in my tracks...

That's my computer.  Trust me it's there.

This is my workspace.  There is a surface under all of that, I do not lie. 

I would have had to navigate through this and quite honestly I don't know if there are alligators lurking in there or not. 
And this is my bed. My wonderfully comfortable, big enough to sleep on bed.

I don't know what is wrong with blogger.  It is not letting me center what I want to center and align what I want to align.  And quite honestly I have a shred of patience left for this day and I have to save it for moving that lovely bed up there into my new "living room" floor so that I can sleep in the manner to which I have become so lovingly accustomed too.  I slept on the new couch last night and at some point woke up and was so scrunched up that I could have been a pretzel.  The pain of stretching out of that was immense. 

I am fairly certain that in the next few weeks my body will stage a revolt and walk out on me.  I plan on hitting the gym in earnest next week.  I figure this week I will have enough exercise trying to empty that room in the after work hours and spending a lovely day off painting.  Yay Me!

* I may have figured out that pesky blogger problem.  It seems I am not slow patient enough to deal with what I am assuming is a male "brain"

The "living" space is looking quite lovely and soon there will be a new cover for the couch, along with oodles of pillows because I have oodles of pillows.

I will see you all in the next few days for updates and progress reports.  Perhaps.  I hope to have the computer in its new space by 9:00 MST tomorrow night.  Fingers crossed.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

T.V. Time: Volume 1 Issue 4

The Closer
Original Air Date: August 13, 2012
Watch Date: August 13, 2012

The Closer came to an end, sort of, on Monday evening.  I only watched the last three episodes.  They lost me somewhere a few years ago.  I just didn’t care to see the whole “legal” drama unfold.  I couldn’t stand the way she treated her husband Fritz.  I mean honestly a wife who drinks wine in front of her recovering husband?  It just wasn’t the show I loved the first few seasons. Plus Mr. Farmers Insurance was on my very last nerve.  But I pulled through the final three episodes to see how it all played out.  And how could I miss the last episode with Billy Burke? Yummy.  I recently found out he is in the Twilight house of horror series and well it…yeah no it didn’t make me want to see them.  But he is just great. 

I thought the hour was a little lackluster.  It was all wrapped up pretty with a little bow on top.  Plus it continued in the next hour, just with Brenda away in Atlanta or off in the DA’s office.  Whatever.  I expected more.

Major Crimes
Original Air Date: August 13, 2012
Watch Date: August 13, 2012

Since I was already comfortable, I thought why not watch part two of The Closer.  I was a wee bit confused at the beginning. It was lost on me that there was an undercover gig for a while.  And I never was quite sure who was in charge.  I felt for Provenza when Taylor introduced Raydor as the new “commanding” officer.  I felt he was very justified in the way he responded given the situation that had just went down. I also felt for him when they basically gave that kid a free pass with the plea bargain.  Then she explained the whole gist of it and I was a little more on board.  I just don’t think that they should have blindsided everyone the way they did. I think they needed to have a family meeting to set things straight. 

As always I give a show a couple of episodes before I make my final decision on whether it stays on DVR series recording rotation.

Now backtracking a little…

Original Air Dates: August 1, 2012 & August 8, 2012
Watch Date: August 10, 2012

I am not going to lie I wanted to stay home on Friday and watch these two episodes after I spent some quality time with my DVR & knitting the night before.  But I did the responsible thing and went to work.  Where I tried to find them online through a site that had decent streaming, but alas it didn’t happen.  Damn you Hulu for not having Dallas.

They kind of ran together.  So I will just give some overall thoughts.  First, John Ross is a dipshit.  Of course Elena was going to be listening when he said, “Please don’t tell Elena”.  Rookie mistake.  Is it just me or does JR creep anyone else out?  How much work has old Larry had done?  Botox? Eyes? Lifts?  He sort of reminds me of the Crypt Keeper.

Can this please be the end of Bobby’s ailments?  Cancer, and aneurysm?  What next?  The writers didn’t have to throw all the “drama” into the first season!  Space this stuff out.

Christopher has to be the weakest man on earth and the dumbest.  Why didn’t he have Rebecca checked out after the whole “I conned you into marrying me”?  Seriously not a smart Texan.  And it was pretty skanky of him to take Elena to a hoe-tel.  It didn’t look like a classy joint. 

And what the hell was up with that ending?  I mean this is Dallas and that is the biggest thing they can come up with to “shock” me?  Why didn’t someone shoot JR?  I mean that would have been so perfect?  Why was the only nod to the past, the stupid office space?  Really the only thing you have in your pocket is Cliff Barnes?  It would have been better if it had been Pamela.  It also felt sort of incestuous.  I know Christopher is adopted and isn’t a blood relative of Cliff’s and Rebecca’s but still that is just gross.  Wouldn’t he kind of know about a cousin? 

And dear Ann & Sue Ellen.  Good lord Sue Ellen wears a lot of eye makeup.  She looks like a stuck up raccoon.  And Ann.  Well I like her, I do. She is sassy and boy did she play her ex.  That was a nice bright spot.  I still need to know the back story with her though.  But thanks to Bobby, that has been burned. I hope the writer’s don’t drop that. 

I am assuming that it will be back in the late fall/early winter for a few episodes to tide us over.

And finally…

Rizzoli & Isles
Original Air Date: August 14, 2012
Watch Date: August 14, 2012

Why does every other episode have to have one of the ladies in peril?  It is sort of played out.  And ugh, Eddie Cibrian?  He was supposed to pull of a man of 36?  Please.  I am 36.  No wait, I am 26.  Yes, I am 26.  But still he does not come off as a 36 year old writer.  He comes off as a douche.  I sort of want someone to take aim and shoot that dimple right off.  We have some gold medalist shooters don’t we?  He wasn’t even a good soap actor.  And Maura is not 36 either.  They did hit one thing right, they are the same age, but they are 39!

Seriously though, who didn’t know who the bad guy was?  It followed the formula.  And the whole ending with the literal baby on the door step?  Why wasn’t Tommy or Frankie or Angela with Lydia?  I mean she was birthing in the police station hallway and they were all there when Jane left.  So why would Lydia have been alone to drop the baby off?  Continuity is a big thing with me these days.  Big!

That is coming back in late November I believe for a limited run to tide us over.  I still like the show, I am just over the woman in peril thing.  Bring Billy Burke back.  He’s hot and I like him.

What's On My Mind: Volume 1 Issue 1

Here's the deal. I hate feeling like a failure every time I miss a WiP Wednesday post. It is too much stress on me. Half the time I am scrambling to take pictures of something "new" or "progressed". Sometimes I find time to write during the day when I am not supposed to be, but I don't have photos, so I can't get my entry done. So I am foregoing WiP Wednesday. But, I am not going to leave all three of you hanging. I have this new fangled idea of What's On My Mind Wednesdays. Have I lost you yet? If not, keep reading, it doesn't get better.

My mind is full of extremely dumb and useless questions. The things I wonder about are quite astonishing really. Astonishing in that who would ever want to know that!?! For example, I wondered about the origin of the jock strap. Amazingly nobody in my circle knew. I had to do some research to fulfill my longing. By the way, it originated with cyclists.

I was checking my email at work this morning and there was some sort of spam-like email that I skimmed and for once it wasn't all crap. Don't ask me who sent it, because I deleted it after I got what I wanted. It asked the simple question...

Looking back, is there anything you once wanted that you are grateful you never got?

I thought it was interesting and I thought that perhaps I should take a minute to reflect on it.

I think of a lot of things I wanted and in retrospect, am very grateful that I didn’t get them.

For example, when I was working in health care there was speculation that I would become the COO and I really wanted that. I wanted the recognition. But when I think of what my life would be like if I had gotten that…well I am very glad I didn’t. I think I would have either lost my mind or spent a ton of time on the unemployment lines. I just don’t think I could have worked in that facility any longer than I already did.

I also wanted the executive assistant job at the hospital. But with all the turmoil they have been through, am very thankful I dodged that bullet.

I believe that things happened for a reason and it was all to lead me to where I am now. To a company that treats its staff like they matter. A place that is family. A place that is relaxed and flexible. Sure there are frustrating times and people, but that is everywhere. There are days, like yesterday, where I just want to stay in bed and do. But there has never been a day that I dreaded going to work because of the work or people. That is almost unheard of in most 9-5 jobs it seems. The thought of spending 8-10 hours in a place you loathe is horrible. I did it for a long time. I cried myself to sleep more times than not while working for some organizations. I commuted and cried 90% of the way home. I have never done that with this company. I have cried twice while with this company. Once was when I got the news about Ike Thomas. The other was a rather horrible incident that never should have happened. The job I had before this one? I cried every single day at lunch and when I got home. Every single day. That is not an exaggeration, that is fact. So, I am very grateful I didn’t get what I wanted, because in the end, I did.

See that is what is on my mind. I also found another little question today that I answered...

What makes you feel alive?

What makes me feel alive is music. I feel so energized, inspired, free when I am listening to music. Whether it is something soft like How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees) or something a bit harder like The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson), I just feel so into it. It can instantly make me feel better, ready to take on a project, a day, even an hour. Confession time, but I love to dock my iPod, turn it up loud, jump in the shower and pretend like I am a lounge singer. I am making a vow to make time for music every day!

I am going to throw in a picture just because I know that is what a lot of blog readers are looking for...

Hahahah...gratuitous hockey picture*!  Brent Johnson right before he knocked Rick DiPietro into the 2012-2013 season. 

*I didn't have a new picture to show you anyway.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The One with Operation Rejuvenate

I have decided once again to undertake a huge task and rejuvenate my space.  I am flipping my rooms!  It is exciting, exhausting, daunting, crazy, and mind boggling all at the same time.  I did this, sort of, nine months ago.  It was a big big rearrangement, but it was so worth it.  Until now.  Something has felt kind of off, I wasn't comfortable with my space anymore.  I needed a change.  Maybe it isn't even with the space, it is something within me and I just need a change, so this is the easiest way to do it.

Nine months ago, I didn't paint, this time I am going to paint.  What is becoming my new bedroom is this horrible yellow-green that is way past its time.  It is scuffed and marred, and just really gross.  But more on that later...first let me show you what I have to work through...
(please excuse my crappy phone pics)

This corner is leaving completely.  Those green and purple things?  Those are yarn bins.  Those cubbies along with a new, yet to be built, bigger one are going to be my entertainment center.  I will have those in my living room with the television/cable box/Blue Ray players on top, some books/knick knacks/DVDs/yarn in the cubbies.

This bookcase is getting a makeover and will be in the living room as well.  It will still be Penguin central, just a bit tidier and will have probably some books/DVDs in it as well

These boxes need to be gone through and stuff needs to be going away.  Some of it is sewing stuff and that will be put into a re-purposed storage system.

This stuff is being donated to a thrift store.  Not the cleaner in the basket, and as of twenty minutes ago, not the Penguin.  Elliott sort of eyed the Penguin and then it attacked him and then Cooper came to the rescue (of the Penguin) and he is going to stay in our house and most likely join Cooper's Army of Bigs that guard the food dish and kitchen.

This is half of my desk. I have to clean all this off and then dismantle part of it and re-purpose it as my new smaller desk in my living room.  I also have to throw most of the crap that is on it away.  Yeah.

And this is where I am currently trying to work on this post and a few other things.  The bookcase is going to become a storage unit in an unused closet and will house the charging station in my new bedroom. 

And now about the color.  I have been crushing on GRAY!  I love the neutrality of it and the versatility you have with accent colors.  I am searching for the perfect bedspread/shams.  First I was going with a Gray & Yellow theme, but now I am considering Gray & Plum/Eggplant/Lilac scheme.  I think it will all depend on the bedding and accents that I find.  I sort of love my plum curtains in the room already, so we will see.

The lineup of color choices.  Such a daunting task trying to pick the perfect shade.  I will be painting the walls and ceiling the same color, so I don't want to go too dark and live in a cave.

Snowfall & Grayish (the top two) are contenders.  I think Snowfall is a little too light and I will end up with the same marrings I have now. 

March Wind is nice, but may be a little too dark.  But it is in the top three choices.

And finally...Knitting Needles.  It's sort of perfect, right?  I mean is that a sign?  Is that my color?  Why would they have a gray neutral named Knitting Needles if it wasn't meant to be?

I think it is easy to see which one I am leaning towards. 

My wall decor is going to be relatively girly.  I have a black metal dress form wall hanging with a little bling, a couple of Jack Vetriano prints, of which at least one will make the room, and I saw some wall decals online that I think would be just about perfect for the space. 

The bedroom will have NO television and iPad use will be limited.  It will mostly be a quiet space for reading and sleeping. 

Now I just have to get it all done.  What I don't have a photo of is/was my massive "craft station".  It is a huge wooden desk with a hutch, file drawer, two cubbies and two small drawers.  I spent a good portion of the week nights getting that cleaned off.  Then yesterday we worked like heck trying to get that bad boy out.  It is big and awkward and heavy.  It has been moved a few times and it is never fun.  It is now out of the house and fingers crossed it stays together to store some stuff in the garage. 

I think I threw two reams of paper away yesterday!  I think I may go through the sewing notions box and clean that out.  Then it will be time for a rest and some knitting.

I will be back in the next few days to give you my thoughts on the Dallas season finale.  Yep, I finally sat down and watched it!

I wish you all a happy week ahead, whether you stay "home" or whether you are on the "9 to 5" track, enjoy each day!

Friday, August 10, 2012

T.V. Time: Volume 1 Issue 3

I really didn’t intend to have a T.V. Time post today, but I just have to talk about Rookie Blue.

Two week’s ago they aired the first of a two-parter. I waited until I could watch them both together. So last night I hunkered down with some knitting and caught the first episode. Nothing really too surprising, I knew the gist going in and knew how it would end. Gail goes undercover to try and catch a predator. They think they have the guy, but it turns out they don’t. She gets into a cab and heads back to Andy’s place, while Andy waits for Sam to pick her up. After some thought, Sam takes Andy home and she finds an unconscious Gail and is then drugged herself. To Be Continued…

So last night’s episode is all about finding Gail. Andy’s fine, he didn’t hurt her, just drugged her. So they are looking for a possible serial killer and they figure they have about 14 hours to find Gail, who is being held in a basement by some whack job with wing tips. The guy they busted in the u/c prostitution sting is not their guy, shucks. Dov & Chris get to go through 911 calls that reference a missing girl. Just as Chris wants to skip one, it yields some information which in the end leads them to a dead girl. The missing dead girl. Nicole, maybe. Whatever, it’s not Gail, but now they have a lead of sorts. Oh and guess who shows up to help? Luke. Luke looks like he sleeps in a gutter. I want to say they said he is working for the Marshals. I am not 100% on that. I didn’t know that Canada had Marshals, but I am not all up on their law enforcement system. Heck I barely can figure out ours. So, Luke is helping and it is awkward for Andy & Sam. Tension fills the air. But they now have something to go on. They start looking at the hotel employees where the sting went down and Andy is quick to jump on the bartender, but Jerry isn’t so sure. He is frustrated because he jumped the wrong guy and needs to play it safe and slow. The whole time all this is going down, Tracy is with Noelle waiting first on Andy’s lab results and second on Noelle’s baby to arrive. Jerry decides to talk to the cab driver that picked Gail up and dropped her off. He is invited into the house and then we see his awful shoes. HE’S THE GUY! So they talk & then Jerry drops the bomb that Gail is a cop and well I start to see what is going on and I am not happy about it.

SPOILER ALERT. Seriously if you do not want to be spoiled, do not read on.

The cabbie is a former doctor (I am assuming he got his licensed yanked for doing something horrible, and if they said what it was, it was lost somewhere around the time he pulled a knife) who Jerry now realizes is the bad dude. Just as he draws his gun, Cabbie moves in close and stabs him in the stomach and then twists the knife. Jerry falls to the floor, Cabbie takes the gun and goes and gets Gail and yells at her for being a cop. Sam is calling Jerry now because he and Andy realize it is the cabbie. Jerry hasn’t been able to work his new phone for weeks, but manages to get something working and pulls himself together. As Cabbie and Gail come up the stairs, Jerry jumps Cabbie and tries to fight him. Cabbie takes Jerry down with a Brent Johnson like punch (reference February 2011 Penguins/Isles game and Rick Dipietro). Cabbie leaves with Gail. Sam and Andy arrive, see Jerry’s car and ring the bell. No answer, they look in and Sam sees Jerry lying on the floor and busts in. He rushes to help Jerry and finds out that Jerry put his phone in Cabbie’s pocket and they can trace it to find out where he is. Medics arrive to help Jerry. Gail is rescued by Dov, Chris & Nick. She will be okay and Cabbie will be going to prison (I don’t think Canada has the death penalty).

Everyone is at the hospital waiting on word about Jerry and Andy can’t get a hold of Tracy. She helped Noelle deliver a really beautiful little girl. She checks her messages and rushes to the waiting area where she finds out that Jerry has died. At this point a really sad song plays and I have tears streaming down my face.

Oh it was so sad. I was crushed. Jerry is number two behind Sam for me on this show. So I about had a meltdown when I realized that he would be no longer. I just can’t believe they went there. I thought for sure Gail would be the victim. She doesn’t have a real part on the show and I just didn’t think people liked her, so while it may be sad for her co-workers it would not have crushed my spirit and possibly ruined my weekend. Jerry was funny and hot and had a huge role. I just…have no words.

Then they go and show previews and it looks like Sam is going to blame Andy and they are going to have issues. There is going to be a funeral and that will probably make me cry. I hope to find out what Noelle names her little girl. I hope that at the end of the show Sam & Andy kiss and make up because I need a happy ending.

On a side note, how different did Andy look when undercover? I mean she didn’t look like a boy with long hair, she looked HOT. And another thing, I love Tracy, but why does she only have one color in her closet? She is always wearing gray or sometimes purple. They seemed to always match her and Jerry. It was cute, but corny. Ugh…no more Jerry. Sad face.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 21

Golly another week gone by.  It's funny how time goes so slowly when you are younger and in school and then you hit a certain age and you are saying things like "Wait, it's August 8th?  What happened to June and July?  Did we not have them this year?"  And no matter how much you tell those younger to just enjoy the slowness and to never ever pass up the opportunity to nap, they just don't listen. 

I did the bare minimum this week.  As usual, at the beginning of the month I burn myself out on cleaning and organizing and analyzing all the stuff I didn't do last month.  That makes for a very tired girl by the time she sits down to knit.  So tired that she has been known to nod off mid row.  I did mange to stay awake for a few minutes though and get something done...

This thing is never going to end!  I am on the down side of it now, the decreasing part, but it does not seem to be shrinking.  Never mind that I have only knit ten decrease rows.  I don't feel the pressure to get it done anymore though because it is not going to its original intendent.  It will be living with me for the foreseeable future.

If you are the type of person who goes back to look at my last progress update on this, then you will know that I have only completed one more tooth.  Also if you are that type of person, you may want to look into purchasing a life. 

I had intended on doing more than one tooth last night, but then I found out I could get Zuma's Revenge and Bejeweled at a good price on iPad and well you can probably imagine what had me not crawling into bed until 11:30.

As a general rule, I don't really knit on Wednesdays.  It is a slow t.v. programming night and I generally use it to do things like clean up email, throw paper work away, transfer audio books to the iPod, play get it. 

Now that I don't have the pressure of any more baby knitting (a story best not shared), I am excited about starting new projects.  I have a whole list, but I have not been able to pick one to start.  Isn't that kind of crazy?  Like something is physically wrong with me?

The above photos will be the last ones on that particular desk.  You can see it is well worn on the edge.  What you can't see is that it is colossal.  It is a force to be reckoned with and it is leaving this house forever.  It has served its usefulness and is now time to reside elsewhere.  When it was moved into this room it only served to collect a mountain of crap.  I have emptied that behemoth in the first step of Operation Move 2012.  I did this last year around November.  Flipping rooms to better serve me in my tiny space.  I need to empty the room, paint it and then redecorate & rearrange it.  I am both dreading and anticipating the challenge.  At this point, there is considerably more dread.  I will keep you abreast of my progress.

Well I wish you all a happy and fun filled week.  I hope that those of you who are tuning into the Olympics are enjoying them.  My interest faded with Paul McCartney. 

Monday, August 06, 2012

TV Time: Volume 1 Issue 2

I have a couple of shows that I watched over the weekend that I wanted to talk about today. It is true, I don’t watch the Olympics 24/7.

Covert Affairs
USA Network
Original Air Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Watch Date: Saturday, August 4, 2012

I just can’t sit still and watch this show “live”. Half of the time I am doing something else and need to rewind because I get “lost”. I like the idea of the show, I just don’t like some of the actors. I was a wee bit excited when I thought that perhaps we had seen the last of Nina Lina. I don’t like her. I like Joan. Lina is shady. I think it is the actress. She was sketchy on 24 and I still think she is sketchy. I don’t like her kind of cavalier attitude and approach to things. She seems to have no qualms about putting agents in jeopardy. After all she basically told Annie to sleep with Simon. So when she said she was sending Annie back to DPD (which I do not understand what all these acronyms are for), I was so happy. Now we just need Mr. Eyebrows to put Auggie back there and all will be right with the world (except that Piper Perabo is still on this show).

I was also happy to see Danielle is on her way to California. She seemed like an extra they just didn’t need. Wouldn’t the cliché have been made if Annie didn’t have any family? I watch A LOT of television, so I am pretty up on my clichés.

The ending left me with some questions. First, isn’t Simon going to want to go to Annie’s apartment? And since she was “made” wouldn’t they have cleaned that all up? So where are they going to go? What is up with the time continuum on that show? One minute it is daytime, the next night, then switch to another “storyline” and it is daytime again. It is too confusing. I hate not knowing how much time is passing.

Another question, why does Noam Jenkins look so hot on Rookie Blue and on Covert Affairs he looks like a goober?

All the Right Moves
Original Air Date: Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Watch Date: Sunday, August 5, 2012

I decided to watch this after I saw it listed in the “What to Watch” section of Entertainment Weekly. I watched for a couple of reasons:

First, I know who two of the main four are (Travis & Nick (both from SYTYCD). Second, it is a dance show right? Third, I figured it would be talked about on the Ravelry SYTYCD forum and I didn’t want to be left out.

Now that I have watched it, I have some issues.

• These are men in their mid to late twenties. At least that is what I kind of deduced. Men that are starting their own dance company that they want to profit from. Adults doing adult business. So riddle me this batdog, why do they act like little children?

o Travis talks in baby talk to his boyfriend. BABY TALK. An emmy nominated choreographer talks in baby talk. Are you freaking kidding me?

o Nick seems to have some sort of gay ADD. I find him so physically attractive, but when he opens his mouth he is a total turn off.

o Teddy & Kyle seem to be the most adult people there are in that house.

• I think it was crap to invite Kyle to move to LA to be a part of this dance company and them make him audition. That was so cold.

• Taja has an attitude problem and she is lucky it wasn’t my dance company because she would not be in it.

• I still don’t like Melanie/Melody whatever the hell her name is from last season. Cannot stand her.

• I don’t think Travis really wants to share this company with his friends/partners. I think he wants to do everything his way. I think he wants it to be Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound (I think that was what was proposed by his agent staff (seriously three agents?)). With that said I don’t blame Teddy & Nick for being pissed off a bit.

• Really they need to act like adults. I can’t imagine if I were an investor and I sank a chunk of money into their company and then saw this episode…whoo. I would not be investing any more money in them.

I will give the show at least one more episode, maybe two. If it doesn’t get drastically better then it will not stay on the DVR rotation.

I have been watching some of the Olympics, but I am not really a summer sort of girl. I also cannot stand any of the NBC commentators with the exception of John McEnroe. The events I want to watch are rarely shown in primetime. I am ready for it all to be over with.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 20

This might become a quarterly update the way I am going.  Hey, at least I am starting August off on the right foot.

I have only been working on one project for the last week or so.  Actually I finished a project, which is always a great feeling, but this one seems to be consuming all my time!

First a knot!  Grrrr.  I hate it when that happens.  I know it is not the end of the world, I just wish they could tag a skein of yarn with a warning sign. 

And yes it is such a horrific thing that you have to use the dreaded flyers orange and black!  (Yes I can work a hockey reference into almost anything.  It is a gift!)

But, I pushed knit on.  It would have been nice if the knot would have been by a row end, but it wasn't, about twenty or thirty stitches before.  Grrr.

I made it to what I am calling the half way point last night.  That magical place where things start to go quicker...

Now I get to decrease every row.  I love decreasing!  I think with blocking this will come out to a decent size.  Hopefully it will live up to its intended purpose, if not, well someone will be happy with it in some way. 

I expect to knit on this for the next week or so, so you can either expect no update next week or another update on this project.

Oh, it is a Gramma's Favorite Dishcloth Blanket.  I increased on every row with a yarn over to 150 stitches (cast on 5).

The One Where I Use the iPad

I am not quite sure how this works.  I am using a Google Docs app for the iPad that is supposed to post to my blog, but I don't know what is going on.  I feel like there should be a large book to accompany this.  Perhaps I am not as technologically advanced as I once thought I was.

I do owe you an apology.  I believe I said that I would be a better blogger in July and I sort of tanked early and then late.  I also missed my blogiversary.  That is what I love about a new month.  Day one is a clean slate, a chance to start anew.  Somewhere around Day five is where I falter and the whole month turns into a giant disaster.  But I keep trying.  Nobody likes a quitter right?  Except when they are arguing with you.

I have been trying to use Instagram more.  Not that I have a lot of fun things to take pictures of.  There are a lot of boy pictures, and a few fibery delight photos.  I am, as always, LdyPngn.  

If you ever wondered about my "name" is simple.  That is my license plate.  I am Lady Penguin or LdyPngn.  I am a HUGE Pittsburgh Penguin fan as you should know by now so when it came to getting my first car, I thought, I need something special.  It just fit.  If I were to get them new today, I would have to cut out a letter.  I definitely make sure to renew.  No way I want anyone to take my tag.  

Well that is what I have for now.  I don't have any photos on here of the only WiP I am currently making progress on.  I do plan on getting a picture as soon as I get home and getting it up.  It is so exciting to be at the "half way" point.

Here's hoping this works!