WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 19

It is nice to have some photos to share of actual progress I have made.  Now these are about a week old, but they are still current, as I have been a bit slacking the last few days.  I think frogging two projects and a couple of ideas will do that to a person.

First up we have the Milo I am working on. 

After about a zillion pictures, this is one of the best (I haven't quite figured out lighting...doubt I ever will).  This is with just one owl done.  I am hoping I only need two as I really want to get this off the needles!

Next up we have a baby bib.  I am just in love with the designs.  I mean what baby wouldn't love to have this around his or her neck?

An adorable hippo (just in case you thought it was a bear like dear old mom).  I love the look and feel of seed stitch, but oh how I hate knitting it.  I would give my left foot (the one without the tattoo) to be able to knit continental!

And finally I picked this back up as a quick on the go project.  Or rather an on-the-go-no-need-for-a-pattern project.

I can't remember if I have worked on this anymore since I took the photo or not.  I think probably not.  I am aiming for 160 stitches before the decreasing begins.  If that doesn't look like enough, I will keep going, but I am hoping that will be a good size. 

And that is what is happening this week.  I still have the hitchhiker on the needles, but am feeling the pressure of getting some baby projects done.  Who would have thought waiting until the last couple of months would be a bad idea?

No books in progress right now.  I haven't felt much like reading.  I think something is broken.  But I did just get my Free Libary of Philadelphia library card (which was not free!).  I so hope that they enjoyed cashing my Pittsburgh Penguins check!  (see that I still worked in some hockey!)


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