T.V. Tuesday: Volume 2 Issue 1

Yes I have decided to resurrect T.V. Tuesday. A weekly segment with my thoughts on the viewing of the past week. As usual, I do this during the summer, when there is barely any quality television programming. That is one example of how dumb I really am.

Let’s dive right in with a Tuesday favorite…

Rizzoli & Isles

For the most part I really like this show. I hope TNT doesn’t ruin it like they did The Closer. I like the dynamic between Jane & Maura. I am so happy that they didn’t drag out the whole “Jane shot Maurau’s bio-dad” thing. I don’t have any notes on last week’s “Dollhouse” episode. They don’t give the viewer much chance to “solve” the crime. The viewer is really just along for the ride. That is fine, but sometimes throwing me a bone and giving me a group of suspects to pick from would be nice.

Dallas 2.0

I was pretty giddy when they said there was going to be a Dallas reboot. I LOVED that show back in the day. I was just a wee one, but I knew I was in love with Bobby Ewing. Okay, I wasn’t that wee. Having Patrick Duffy being an integral part of this reboot is huge. I could do without Larry Hagman, but that is because I never liked him. But I do realize the need for him in the show. He is J.R. Ewing after all. After watching the first episode I was like, WTF? How could they have cast such abysmal actors? Seriously, Jesse Metcalf may be pretty to look at for the younger ladies (he holds no appeal to me) but I seriously doubt he could act his way out of a fake hostage situation. And Josh Henderson…oy. Then the ladies. Jordana Brewster is gorgeous. I love her look. Her acting is okay. Nothing too stellar, but not as bad as say Lindsay Lohan. I have no clue who Julie Gonzalo is, but I do know that I don’t plan on watching her in anything else. And dear sweet Linda Grey as Sue Ellen. I like her. I do. She’s not great, but she is fun.

Anyways, I watched the second episode and was ready to write the show off. I just wasn’t digging it, but I just couldn’t delete that recording, so I keep watching and waiting. I know they got a pick up for a second season, so some people are over the moon about it.

Did it seem awfully fast the way they sold Southfork? I mean he signed the papers and the next day they are packing it all up? I would have thought there might be a grace period of some sort. Oh and telling us that Pam just up and walked out is not a good enough explanation for me. I would have thought that Christopher might have asked Uncle Cliff if he had heard from his sister/Christopher’s mother. Throw me a bone please.

Rookie Blue

Back for it’s third season, RB is still one of my favorite summer shows. It came back for I think three weeks and then was on hiatus because of NBA basketball and then bam right back into it this past week. I think a “previously on” would have been nice for those of us that were left in the lurch for those long weeks. It was hard trying to think back to what had happened. Some things I liked about this week’s episode:

• Tracy as a detective in training. Even though I think it is odd that they have this rotation for a third year “rookie” I still enjoyed it a lot. I liked that she depended on her colleagues back in uniform to solve the case.

• Jerry not being able to work his phone as an explanation for his absence. How funny was that? Very.

• I always love seeing Swarek. Sorry but he is hunky.

And things I didn’t like and usually don’t like:

• Gail. Enough said

• Dov refusing to work through the shooting/doing it himself/lying. It is a formula that is old and tired. As a general rule I hate IA story lines that never amount to anything for a main player. I just hate them. They do nothing for me other than aggravate me.

• Noel & the pregnancy bitchiness. But more than that, um why hasn’t she been transferred? Are they allowed to have their baby daddy as their boss in Canada? That really bugs me.

• New guy. Why did they need him? They didn’t lose anyone. Was it just to give Gail a boy toy? And besides that he is really annoying.

When is something bad going to happen on that show? I know I shouldn’t want for that. But seriously third season and nobody has been shot/near dead/dead/fired. Time to spice things up Canada. We like our shows gritty down here. Oh and where is Luke?

Saving Hope

I watched the first episode and thought, “this sucks”. Then I watched the second episode and thought, “this really sucks”. Then I watched last week’s episode (okay half of it) for the sole fact that it dealt with a hockey player and then I deleted the series recording. Seriously? I did not realize until watching, what I am calling, the hockey episode that this was another Canada import. Nothing against Canada, you did send us Rookie Blue, but you also sent us The Bridge. So, your track record is 50% because I just remembered you sent us Flashpoint, one of my other favorite summer shows (that is not on this summer). This one definitely sucks though. It was bad enough before but then you tease me with off season hockey and throw a guy that reminds me of Scott Hartnell and concussions at me and I hate you for it. Really let’s move on. I was looking for something more juicy and gorey. Damn it!

So You Think You Can Dance

I made my thoughts on this known in my Sunday post, so I won’t repeat it. I just hope that this season gets better in a hurry.

Holiday Hold Off

For some reason, the networks other than TNT do not think we can handle original programming on the 4th of July. So SYTYCD is postponed as are a couple of other shows. I get that a lot of people do the whole holiday thing, but I do not. I hate the 4th of July. Fireworks have been going non-stop since last Tuesday. My little Cooper is petrified and I haven’t been able to fall asleep before midnight since. And today I found shells behind my car. Not cool. Not cool at all. I will enjoy the day off, probably watching Hatfields & McCoys on DVR since I have yet to do that. Or I will continue to watch endless hours of Friends.

So what is everyone else watching this summer? Or are you all playing out in the sun and frolicking through the forests?

Join us next week for another episode of T.V. Tuesday.


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