T.V. Time: Volume 1 Issue 1

I felt the need to change T.V. Tuesday to T.V. Time because sometimes I like to write about television programming on days other than Tuesday. 

I may have to rewatch Tuesday's episode of Rizzoli & Isles because I may have missed something.  Or maybe I didn't.  There were things that didn't flow right for me.  First was the "conference".  Where did that come from and why on earth would they have it at the police station?  With the people in and out it makes no sense to have it there other than for plot purposes.  And why were there only men and why did they all seem sort of nerdy and hokey?  Second, the case was a jumble of crap.  Usually their tie ins are pretty good, but this reached far beyond any logical dot to dot. 
I felt like writers put a ton of ideas into a salad shooter and this is what they came up with.  Maybe I do need to watch it again.  Perhaps I need to have all distractions out of reach so that I can solely focus on the show.  And by distractions I mean my special appendage...iPad or as I call him Emmett.

I don't watch the show "live" I wait for it to end or be very close to ending and then I fire it up on DVR.  That way I don't have to sit through all the annoyances (intros, get to know yous, rehearsals, judges comments), I just get to watch the dancing.  I have a few thoughts from last night.

Here's what you get from all that....

Group Routine - AMAZEBALLS! Seriously I loved it. One of my most favorite songs. It felt more Wade Robson than Nappy Tabs to me though.

Routine #1 - Teeth - I was so excited when the song title came up. Seriously love this Lady Gaga tune. I hated the dance. It seemed disjointed and just kind of thrown together at the last minute. I would have rather seen Sonya use this song.

Routine #2 - Sonya’s 3326 - It was okay. One of the better performances of the night (in a night where there wasn’t anything that spectacular). Seriously though how pale is Amelia? Was it the lighting or is she just that pale? Distracting

Routine #3 - Tanguera Tango - One, was Nick’s coat Morpheus’ from The Matrix? Two, he tries so hard to be “sexy” that is just creeps me out. Three, that music was awful. I felt like I should be under a Big Top tent and they should be wearing clown suits.

Routine #4 - Sonya’s Hear Me Now - at this point, this was the performance of the night for me. It was a typical Sonya routine in that it was all jerky movements though.

Routine #5 - My Girl Lyrical Hip-Hop - WTF is lyrical hip hop? First, The Temptations do not invoke a hip hop state of mind and two this was on par with a cheesy Broadway number.

Routine #6 - Bring on the Men Broadway - Did he step on her stomach? There is not much I can say because there is nothing I really hate more than a Broadway routine.

Routine #7 - I’m Shakin’ Jive - I love Cyrus’ look. I really do. This was probably the sexiest routine of the night in my opinion. That said, it seemed awfully slow for a jive.

Routine #8 - So Long My Friend Contemporary - I missed the boat on this…or rather the tub. I don’t like either dancer really. Also, I am really starting to hate props that seem random.

Routine #9 - I Want to be Loved By You Fox Trot - It’s a fox trot, is there really anything to say? I think they put this in there for people who need to run to the bathroom or kitchen, but don’t want to do it during a commercial break.

Routine #10 - Tandav Music Bollywood - easily the best couple routine of the night. It had energy, flashy costumes and was upbeat. I really enjoyed it.

Step Up Revolution - Travis Wall/Mia Michaels/Jamal Sims/Adam Shankman/Kathryn/Twitch/Phillip/Someone else AND Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows? Yes Please. This looks like it might be one of the better Step Up movies.

The cast performance was easily the performance of the night. I cannot tell you how much I heart Twitch! Swoon!

Results - I am more than happy with the results. None of them were standout.

Other thoughts: I liked the way they did the results. Down and dirty, get it done. My kind of show. I also enjoyed that there was very little intro crap, not that I watched it, but it was more about the actual performance. And I love that they still have the guest performances and group routines. I give this season’s format an A at this point.

In our next issue:
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  • Covert Affairs
  • Rookie Blue


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