The One with the Royal

I've recently discovered the joys of Instagram.  Actually I have just rediscovered the joys of snapping random pictures.  I go through phases of interest.  Anyway, I thought I would share some of them with you today.

First up we have my lazy Cooper.  He manages to take over almost every surface in the house.  Here he is on the living room sofa, all stretched out.

And so you get an understanding of just how lazy Cooper can be...

I put some new food on the floor and instead of standing and eating, he plopped down.  This is his preferred method of dining.

This is Cooper's little brother Elliott.  He is super photogenic, even though he doesn't always want his picture taken.  As I don't have children, they are the focus of a lot of my snapshots. 

This is him lying on my bed this afternoon.  He hasn't been feeling well but looks to be doing a lot better. 

A few weeks ago we took a ride to Virginia City & Ennis and I snapped this shot of a fish in Ennis.  I just love it.  I noticed as we were driving out of town that there were more along the shore of a small pond.  Just lovely.

The detail in the color sections is outstanding...

This was a photo taken on Wednesday I believe or Thursday and was simply captioned "Crap"

I hate getting messages at work.  I do it to myself really because I have caller id and sometimes I just avoid certain numbers.

This was how I spent Wednesday night...

I did my toes and fingernails while listening to iTunes and tweeting.  And yes that is in my bathroom.

This is "Happy Hour" on Thursday.  My bi-weekly massage.  Sadly that will be coming to an end in the near future as my masseuse is planning on moving and has put her house (with studio) on the market.  Sigh.

This time of year I live on popsicles.  I love them.  They are sugar free and taste beyond great.  This "pull" is like winning the lottery for me.  Grape & Cherry!  I eat the cherry first and then the grape as grape is my most favorite!

We had a storm roll through on Friday afternoon and this was the view from my office.  It was so dark (I don't use overhead lighting).  It came down in buckets then was gone.  Currently another system is swiftly passing over.

And finally we were out doing a little gambling this morning and this was dealt to me!  A ROYAL FLUSH!  I have had maybe one or two in my lifetime of gambling and never have I been dealt one. 

This came after I had hit five queens on another machine!  It was a profitable day for us.

And that is a few days in Instagram.  I had a great weekend and I am planning on having a great week.  Just trying to make the most of life and learning to enjoy it the best I can.


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