The One With Weeping

I owe everyone an apology. I think I vowed, or made a general statement that I was going to be more on the ball with posting in July, and here we are halfway in and I have posted a total of two times! It started with the 4th of July. I completely forgot it was Wednesday. I remembered later that night when I had to prepare to go to work, which was not a very pleasant memory. Then Sunday came around and again I sort of forgot. How does this happen?

Last Tuesday rolled around and I remembered, about five times that day I remembered. But, it was a warm day, and my computer is in the seventh ring of hell during the summer and I didn’t much feel the need to sweat for a post about television shows. I could say the same thing about Wednesday, but truth is I had the photos on a flash drive and all I had to do was take fifteen minutes to come up with something, but I spent those fifteen minutes on Ravelry looking for more projects to be in progress. And with regards to yesterday, I was basically going for the Trifecta for the week. I had nothing to say and while I spent time on the computer in Hell I was playing games and reading blogs, my fingers just were not in the mood to be exercised. Lazy bastards.

That sort of begs the question, does the week begin on Sunday or end on Sunday? I learned Sunday was the beginning of the week and that was fine while I was young, but when I got older, you know five when I started school and the week began on Monday, I sort of had a hard time with beginnings and endings. Now I like to think that the week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday unless it is more convenient for it to begin on Sunday. It’s a slippery slope.

So, I am just going to say that today is the beginning of this week and if all goes well it will end on Sunday. If not, then Sunday will be the beginning. I reserve the right to make changes how I see fit.

I have been working on projects. Hell of a time to take a break from posting. I actually am making progress. Except for yesterday, when my progress came crashing down around me when I came the conclusion that the project I spent all of Thursday and Friday night working on I was going to not use and the project I had been working all of yesterday on I was going to frog.

There is something that has happened that I can’t explain. Every time I do a cable or some knit/purl that is not seed or rib, I get unbelievable slagging ladders. I am a tight knitter (I don’t think so, but I have been told on numerous occasions) so I don’t really understand how this is happening. And since it has happened, I have been extra vigilant in pulling the yarn tight, yet still there is that slag (that is the word I am using because it sounds good to me). I hate it. I hate it so much that I scrapped an owl case yesterday and frogged it. It helped that I had purled four stitches instead of knitting them some six rows back, but whatever. I can’t seem to figure out how this happened or why. I don’t remember this problem when I started out doing cables, but there it is a definite problem. Perhaps I should try a different cables, maybe it is something specific to the freaking owls.

I discovered something this weekend. I like how fast things go with bulky yarn, but I hate working with it. I hate big needles. They are not comfortable and I just don’t like the time it takes and the way it seems to hurt my hands. I think US 9 is a fine needle size, but much above that I am not that interested in, definitely not US 15!

I also realized that I am not a fan of crocheting. I did a lot of it and it went fast, but now I just cringe at the thought of it and so I am over that. I did a project this weekend and wanted to cry my way through it because it sort of bored me. I guess my heart lies with knitting. And just to be that stuck up snobby girl, I like the way knitting looks compared to crochet. Not to say that I don’t love me some crochet items, but when it comes to baby stuff, knit looks better. Way better.

Last week I spent some time with iTunes looking for a few new songs to add some flavor and change up my playlist a little bit. Just a few songs. I realized three days later that I spent upwards of $35 on new music. New music that is old. Seriously I did that. I spent $35 on 90s music. Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, MC Hammer, Rob Zombie, Savage Garden, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Hanson, LFO, Poison. Notice how some of those artists don’t really go together. If a sane person listened to my “My Now List” (which is the playlist of the songs I am into right now), they would commit me for sins against playlists. I have Backstreet Boys, Glee and Celine Dion (don’t ask, it is only one song) lumped on a list with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I have 80s-10’s in one list. I am so uncool that I have a fever. And what’s even better, I listen to it at work. All of it. Even Rob Zombie’s Pussy Liquor which I find quite catchy, and a little disturbing when either preceded or followed by Barbara Streisand. What’s a girl to do?

Is it weird that I find the dried water spots on my office window highly distracting? Probably no much weirder than my musical predilections. Yep, I’m using the big words now. Watch out. Of course I also have a Happy Bunny page-a-day calendar, so they won’t get much bigger.

I finished Friends this weekend. All ten seasons. It is bitter sweet. I am happy to return the discs to my friend but I am sad that it is over. I don’t have that go to show when there is nothing on television. I don’t have those manageable 30 minute episodes to make me smile. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross and no longer a main stay in my life. It makes me weepy.

Well I am going to cry in my delicious Coca-Cola (not to be confused with coke) and straighten my desk and hope that there might be a sliver of hockey news to get me through the next three hours.


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