The One on July 1st

So it is July 1st and everyone knows what that means...Free Agent Frenzy!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah & it's some big day in Canada too.  Just kidding Canucks...happy Canada Day.

So I have pretty much been glued to, twitter, and every other outlet that I could find for NHL free agency signings.  Too bad nobody has been signed.  Well that's not fair, some people have, just neither of the Big Two.  Ryan Suter & Zach Parise both have decided to wait until tomorrow to decide.  It has pretty much brought signings to a stand still as teams wait to see if their money will be tied up before going out and signing others.  Gah!!!!! I feel like there is so much more I could have done if I would have known they were going to do this.  Oh well.

I have happily cast on a new quick project.  So quick that if I put my mind to it and find something to watch on television that I can get it done tonight.  Yep, that is the plan.  Now to find something to watch!

Speaking of quality television programming, or non-quality as most of it is becomming.  On Wednesday I watched the top twenty reveal on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and I was less than impressed.  On at least two occassions they blatantly chose and told the dancer that was least qualified that they were choosing them over a dancer that was more qualified because the least qualified had "the look" or "personality".  What?  Please explain using diagrams and simple words because I do not understand.  Another mind boggler is there are two, yes TWO male dancers who already have dancing careers, actual paying careers that they put on hold to try out for the show.  WTF?  I thought the goal for any dancer was to have a paying dancing career and these two have it and are risking it for this show?  Wow. 

In any event, I didn't really find one dancer that I liked.  I only liked one routine and that was Mia Michaels' group number "Eyes".  Loved it.  The rest was just the same old same old.  Nothing to get excited over. 

The weather has been hot and dry (hot for Montana any ways).  And it has sparked fires.  Fires all around.  The wind has not helped.  On Thursday night as I was watching Dallas 2.0 on DVR, there was a loud BOOM and then a few minutes later the volunteer fire department alarm sounded.  It was ten minutes until 9:00 p.m. and the alarm aways usually sounds at 9:00 p.m.  It is something my boys wait for so that they can howl at it.  So they howled and howled and then we realized it was an actual fire alarm.  And that fire?  It was three across the alley and a few houses down from us.  It was sparked by the loud BOOM of fireworks.  Thankfully the VFD was on top of things because the city FD took their sweet ass time getting there and then when they did, sauntered out of the truck, put their coat on, grabbed a snack and wandered over.  Luckily for the people who live there, they had cut down the weeds (that were at least waist high) and the fire was put out quickly.  Had they not cut those down, the fire would have spread like nobody's business with the wind.  Still didn't stop them from setting off fireworks though. 

Every year we think about the fire danger and fondly remember how my father approached fireworks.  First, no punk needed, just his cigarette.  Then light it, watch it, hose it down before it is even done.  Safety Stan. 

A night after the fire, there was another one in the lot across the street.  Who sets off fireworks in a lot that is full of weeds and dead brush?  They stomped it out then hauled ass.  The next few days are going to be long.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the holiday that is coming up, whether it is today in Canada or on Wednesday in the US.  And if you are elsewhere, I hope you enjoy your holidays as well.  My plan for the 4th is to sit in my air conditioned home and knit.  Going to the parade is still To Be Determined. 

Enjoy your week and watch for a fun (for me anyways) return in the next few days.

(I still think spell check is cracked out, so forgive my misspellins, I did this in editor and not in Word)


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