Sunday, July 22, 2012

The One with the Royal

I've recently discovered the joys of Instagram.  Actually I have just rediscovered the joys of snapping random pictures.  I go through phases of interest.  Anyway, I thought I would share some of them with you today.

First up we have my lazy Cooper.  He manages to take over almost every surface in the house.  Here he is on the living room sofa, all stretched out.

And so you get an understanding of just how lazy Cooper can be...

I put some new food on the floor and instead of standing and eating, he plopped down.  This is his preferred method of dining.

This is Cooper's little brother Elliott.  He is super photogenic, even though he doesn't always want his picture taken.  As I don't have children, they are the focus of a lot of my snapshots. 

This is him lying on my bed this afternoon.  He hasn't been feeling well but looks to be doing a lot better. 

A few weeks ago we took a ride to Virginia City & Ennis and I snapped this shot of a fish in Ennis.  I just love it.  I noticed as we were driving out of town that there were more along the shore of a small pond.  Just lovely.

The detail in the color sections is outstanding...

This was a photo taken on Wednesday I believe or Thursday and was simply captioned "Crap"

I hate getting messages at work.  I do it to myself really because I have caller id and sometimes I just avoid certain numbers.

This was how I spent Wednesday night...

I did my toes and fingernails while listening to iTunes and tweeting.  And yes that is in my bathroom.

This is "Happy Hour" on Thursday.  My bi-weekly massage.  Sadly that will be coming to an end in the near future as my masseuse is planning on moving and has put her house (with studio) on the market.  Sigh.

This time of year I live on popsicles.  I love them.  They are sugar free and taste beyond great.  This "pull" is like winning the lottery for me.  Grape & Cherry!  I eat the cherry first and then the grape as grape is my most favorite!

We had a storm roll through on Friday afternoon and this was the view from my office.  It was so dark (I don't use overhead lighting).  It came down in buckets then was gone.  Currently another system is swiftly passing over.

And finally we were out doing a little gambling this morning and this was dealt to me!  A ROYAL FLUSH!  I have had maybe one or two in my lifetime of gambling and never have I been dealt one. 

This came after I had hit five queens on another machine!  It was a profitable day for us.

And that is a few days in Instagram.  I had a great weekend and I am planning on having a great week.  Just trying to make the most of life and learning to enjoy it the best I can.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

T.V. Time: Volume 1 Issue 1

I felt the need to change T.V. Tuesday to T.V. Time because sometimes I like to write about television programming on days other than Tuesday. 

I may have to rewatch Tuesday's episode of Rizzoli & Isles because I may have missed something.  Or maybe I didn't.  There were things that didn't flow right for me.  First was the "conference".  Where did that come from and why on earth would they have it at the police station?  With the people in and out it makes no sense to have it there other than for plot purposes.  And why were there only men and why did they all seem sort of nerdy and hokey?  Second, the case was a jumble of crap.  Usually their tie ins are pretty good, but this reached far beyond any logical dot to dot. 
I felt like writers put a ton of ideas into a salad shooter and this is what they came up with.  Maybe I do need to watch it again.  Perhaps I need to have all distractions out of reach so that I can solely focus on the show.  And by distractions I mean my special appendage...iPad or as I call him Emmett.

I don't watch the show "live" I wait for it to end or be very close to ending and then I fire it up on DVR.  That way I don't have to sit through all the annoyances (intros, get to know yous, rehearsals, judges comments), I just get to watch the dancing.  I have a few thoughts from last night.

Here's what you get from all that....

Group Routine - AMAZEBALLS! Seriously I loved it. One of my most favorite songs. It felt more Wade Robson than Nappy Tabs to me though.

Routine #1 - Teeth - I was so excited when the song title came up. Seriously love this Lady Gaga tune. I hated the dance. It seemed disjointed and just kind of thrown together at the last minute. I would have rather seen Sonya use this song.

Routine #2 - Sonya’s 3326 - It was okay. One of the better performances of the night (in a night where there wasn’t anything that spectacular). Seriously though how pale is Amelia? Was it the lighting or is she just that pale? Distracting

Routine #3 - Tanguera Tango - One, was Nick’s coat Morpheus’ from The Matrix? Two, he tries so hard to be “sexy” that is just creeps me out. Three, that music was awful. I felt like I should be under a Big Top tent and they should be wearing clown suits.

Routine #4 - Sonya’s Hear Me Now - at this point, this was the performance of the night for me. It was a typical Sonya routine in that it was all jerky movements though.

Routine #5 - My Girl Lyrical Hip-Hop - WTF is lyrical hip hop? First, The Temptations do not invoke a hip hop state of mind and two this was on par with a cheesy Broadway number.

Routine #6 - Bring on the Men Broadway - Did he step on her stomach? There is not much I can say because there is nothing I really hate more than a Broadway routine.

Routine #7 - I’m Shakin’ Jive - I love Cyrus’ look. I really do. This was probably the sexiest routine of the night in my opinion. That said, it seemed awfully slow for a jive.

Routine #8 - So Long My Friend Contemporary - I missed the boat on this…or rather the tub. I don’t like either dancer really. Also, I am really starting to hate props that seem random.

Routine #9 - I Want to be Loved By You Fox Trot - It’s a fox trot, is there really anything to say? I think they put this in there for people who need to run to the bathroom or kitchen, but don’t want to do it during a commercial break.

Routine #10 - Tandav Music Bollywood - easily the best couple routine of the night. It had energy, flashy costumes and was upbeat. I really enjoyed it.

Step Up Revolution - Travis Wall/Mia Michaels/Jamal Sims/Adam Shankman/Kathryn/Twitch/Phillip/Someone else AND Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows? Yes Please. This looks like it might be one of the better Step Up movies.

The cast performance was easily the performance of the night. I cannot tell you how much I heart Twitch! Swoon!

Results - I am more than happy with the results. None of them were standout.

Other thoughts: I liked the way they did the results. Down and dirty, get it done. My kind of show. I also enjoyed that there was very little intro crap, not that I watched it, but it was more about the actual performance. And I love that they still have the guest performances and group routines. I give this season’s format an A at this point.

In our next issue:
  • Dallas 2.0
  • Covert Affairs
  • Rookie Blue

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 19

It is nice to have some photos to share of actual progress I have made.  Now these are about a week old, but they are still current, as I have been a bit slacking the last few days.  I think frogging two projects and a couple of ideas will do that to a person.

First up we have the Milo I am working on. 

After about a zillion pictures, this is one of the best (I haven't quite figured out lighting...doubt I ever will).  This is with just one owl done.  I am hoping I only need two as I really want to get this off the needles!

Next up we have a baby bib.  I am just in love with the designs.  I mean what baby wouldn't love to have this around his or her neck?

An adorable hippo (just in case you thought it was a bear like dear old mom).  I love the look and feel of seed stitch, but oh how I hate knitting it.  I would give my left foot (the one without the tattoo) to be able to knit continental!

And finally I picked this back up as a quick on the go project.  Or rather an on-the-go-no-need-for-a-pattern project.

I can't remember if I have worked on this anymore since I took the photo or not.  I think probably not.  I am aiming for 160 stitches before the decreasing begins.  If that doesn't look like enough, I will keep going, but I am hoping that will be a good size. 

And that is what is happening this week.  I still have the hitchhiker on the needles, but am feeling the pressure of getting some baby projects done.  Who would have thought waiting until the last couple of months would be a bad idea?

No books in progress right now.  I haven't felt much like reading.  I think something is broken.  But I did just get my Free Libary of Philadelphia library card (which was not free!).  I so hope that they enjoyed cashing my Pittsburgh Penguins check!  (see that I still worked in some hockey!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

T.V. Tuesday: Volume 2 Issue 2


Monday’s TNT

I admit that I didn’t watch this “live”, I watched it this weekend. I have to say though that I really enjoyed it. It was sort of a thinking man’s show. One of those where the intellect was top notch and made you think. You wondered, who’s real, who’s not. I loved Eric McCormack. And it does not hurt that he is easy on the eyes. That always makes things that much more fun. I always worry that I will miss something while I am knitting or on the internet when watching a show and this is a show I could see that happening with. But I didn’t miss anything. I love Lewicky (spelling is incorrect I am sure). And I was shocked by the end, with his “friend”. It was an interesting case with kind of a surprise ending. I look forward to this series, I hope a lot of people find it entertaining and it gets a pickup.

Rizzoli & Isles
Tuesdays, TNT

I really like this show. I do, but there are times where I could totally just stop watching. Last week’s episodes was one of those times. I hated in the previous week that they introduced Maura’s birth mother, but she didn’t know what everyone else knew, that Maura was her presumably dead daughter. They formed a friendship that carried over into the next episode. A friendship so close that Maura had Hope & Kaylin (sp?) over for dinner. Kaylin needs to learn some manners. I get she is a broody 18 year old girl who was uprooted from a life abroad, but seriously my mother would not have accepted that kind of behavior from us. The meat of the episode was not the murder of the investment banker with a fondness of masquerade sex, it was the Hope/Maura interaction.

Question that begs to be answered: Why would Maura have Jane hide the drawing of Hope in the bathroom? Did she not anticipate that her guests may need to freshen up? And really who hides stuff in the bathroom?

Well of course Kaylin saw the picture and figured it all out. But she kept it under wraps until the pivotal moment. A moment that came after Hope told Maura that Kaylin needs a kidney transplant. A moment after Maura ganked DNA from a fork that Kaylin used and determined she is a match and anonymously decided to donate a kidney.

Kaylin waited and when she found out there was a kidney match by an anonymous donor, her Oxford education kicked in and she deduced that Maura was a match and that they are half-sisters. She confronted her at her home which brought a frantic Hope running to find her. That is when and where Maura dropped the bomb, that she was Hope & Paddy’s presumed dead daughter. Hope did not take the news well, as it makes for increased drama and allows the story to continue. The episode ended with Maura enjoying a good cry on Jane’s proverbial shoulder and deciding that she should keep her kidney.

A little dud for me. I like the murder mystery. That is why I watch. If I wanted to watch a bunch of “life drama” I would watch General Hospital or Young & the Restless. Maybe. I want to get back to solving cases that have not been solved!

Dallas 2.0
Wednesdays, TNT

I continue to question why I watch this show. I don’t recall if I have mentioned that I think the acting is extremely sub-par, if I haven’t, it is, if I have, it still is. I want to like it. I want the actors to be different and better, but most of all I think I want to like it to reclaim some of my youth. I used to wait for Friday nights just for Dallas. Mostly for Bobby, but in the 80’s when shows were all about drama and not all about half naked people and sex, when acting was bad only we didn’t know it, this show was the best thing on television. Well at least since they cancelled T.J. Hooker. So why is it so hard to watch? The acting is still really bad, and Bobby is still on the show. Why? I blame the younger people. And I blame the writer’s for barely watching the original series. I am quite certain they didn’t because the week prior they had J.R. Ewing give power of attorney to his son John Ross. J.R. Ewing. Give away power of attorney. To his son. J.R. Ewing. That would have never happened in the original. NEVER. J.R. would have gotten his son to turn his power of attorney over the J.R. and then he would have royally screwed him.

And why is everything moving so fast? In the first episode, Bobby decided to sell the ranch to a conservatory to stop John Ross from drilling and in the second episode it was all done. By the third they were packing up the house and by the fourth they were unpacking. I realize there is a limited number of episodes, but my god space some of this shit out a little bit.

Good to know that they are still as predictable as ever though. Of course Rebecca is pregnant. You can’t have a prime time soap opera without a pregnant lady. I see it going a couple of ways. Her brother is not really her brother and is the father or Christopher is the father (provided he isn’t sterile, because they could totally go that route). If Christopher is the father, I suspect there will be a staircase and Elena & Rebecca will be arguing at the top and there will be a shoving match, which will end with Rebecca tumbling down. The next week she will have lost the baby and will be hell bent on revenge and Christopher will be crushed and will blame Elena. I’ve been to this rodeo before.

So You Think You Can Dance
Wednesdays, Fox

First let me tell you that I know absolutely nobody’s name. I don’t know the dancers and I don’t really care to. I don’t listen to their intros, I don’t watch rehearsal to find out what the dance is supposed to be about and I don’t listen to the judge’s comments. I watch the dance and that is it.

Now that we have dealt with the formalities. I loved a couple of dances on the Top 20 Performance.

First, the Paso was brilliant. I loved the music, the costuming and the dancing. It was good. Second, I liked Travis Wall’s contemporary and I never like Travis Wall. I found out later that the dance was “Titanic” based. Had I known that prior to watching it I would have hated it. I hate being manipulated. Third I liked the Kitty Cat Hip Hop even though I don’t like the 20’s girl.

Other things: I liked the group performance. I am assuming the slow dance was a waltz and I must say that I didn’t mind it. I didn’t care for the guy, but I liked the girl. I hated the Broadway piece. Fake smiles, spastic moves and music that is like yarn on your teeth, I hated it. African Jazz does nothing for me. And another heartfelt problematic hip hop piece, this time about alcohol abuse? No thanks. Give me something different please. And if there were other dances I don’t remember them, so they weren’t that good.

I must admit that I have all but lost my love for this show. I just don’t care anymore. I think it is being manipulated by the “story”. I also think it is the blatant favoritism by the judges, the deliberate pairings and the spot on “hat pick” of routines. The constant stroking the judges give some people and now the celebrity guest judges who are so afraid to be booed, that they tell everyone they were great. Of course it could be that I am older and growing up. Nah, it’s not that.

Rookie Blue
Thursdays, ABC

I like this show. I like it a lot. They sort of make you forget that they are in Canada. In any event, the show works. Sort of. I hate the whole Dov thing. I think I mentioned this before. Nothing good comes from going down this road. I always thought he was weak, but I think it even more now. There are a couple of characters I would wound in the line of duty and he is one of them. I don’t like him, I just don’t. And I don’t like his roommate Chris either. He is something that I haven’t figured out yet. I am not sure if he is too pretty, too dumb, too innocent or what. I peg him for the ultimate homophobe of the group. I think that he would be likened to Ross on Friends, but with Joey’s intelligence. (I have been watching a lot of Friends). Those two I could do without. I would rather have Peck than those two. I would of course die Peck’s hair and sandblast the red paint off her lips and maybe remove the stick that is embedded in her ass.

Um, did they skip an episode? Andy is now talking to her mom? Did I miss something? I just feel like there was a lot of resentment there that would have taken a couple of episodes to tear down. Oh well. I get both Andy’s anger with Sam’s “researching” her mother and his feeling the need to do it. He wants to protect her and she thinks he’s looking for bad stuff about her mom. Slippery slope kids.

The case was interesting. I felt for Oliver and was happy that it didn’t turn out bad because I like him, but seriously when is something bad going to happen? And when are they going to address Luke’s disappearance?

And why is Jerry being a douche? A hot douche, but douche nonetheless. Eh…I’ll just go with the flow.

Political Animals
Sundays, USA

This is not your typical USA programming. This is uber adult. There are no stupid gimmicky characters like on Psyche, Monk, Suits, White Collar, etc. This is all adult. I love Sigourney Weaver, she takes no shit and I love that. I can’t believe that guy was ever president. Seriously he seems like he stepped out of Mayberry, but a much more raunchy Mayberry. Elaine’s mother is a hoot and a half. I love her. And Thomas? Yeah, he is interesting. I don’t really understand why they didn’t give him more that a piano playing background though. I would have thought maybe a male model or something that would have had him have more presence than just a drinking and drug problem. And the other twin…can’t remember his name, but I don’t like him. He seems fake. I am sure that is all politics but I still remember him from being that swindler on that short lived Lonestar (or something) series on Fox. And what is up with his fiancĂ©? How long before she is getting coke from TJ? Futterman! I think Carla Gugino is great too.
I must admit that at 9:05 I was wondering how long the episode was because I thought it was only and hour, but nope it was an hour and twenty four minutes. Most of that was uninterrupted, which is not a good thing when you are hungry and want to go make a sandwich. I survived though.

I can’t figure out where I know President Guido from though. I like him…oh wait is that Adrian Pasdar? Just checked IMDB and it is Adrian Pasdar. Why is his Veep such a bonehead?

I was afraid it was going to be too political for me to follow. I don’t like twitsy things that make me think to much, but this was good and I am a little sad it isn’t a regular series. Seems to me they could totally take Covert Affairs and flush that piece of dung town the toilet and give this a pickup.

Ah well I will enjoy it while I can.

Sorry I missed last week. It was kind of crazy. Or I was kind of lazy. Whichever one of those works for you, go with that. Some weeks we are preempted with life and laziness.

Next week I will try to include some photos.  I know that is always a treat.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The One With Weeping

I owe everyone an apology. I think I vowed, or made a general statement that I was going to be more on the ball with posting in July, and here we are halfway in and I have posted a total of two times! It started with the 4th of July. I completely forgot it was Wednesday. I remembered later that night when I had to prepare to go to work, which was not a very pleasant memory. Then Sunday came around and again I sort of forgot. How does this happen?

Last Tuesday rolled around and I remembered, about five times that day I remembered. But, it was a warm day, and my computer is in the seventh ring of hell during the summer and I didn’t much feel the need to sweat for a post about television shows. I could say the same thing about Wednesday, but truth is I had the photos on a flash drive and all I had to do was take fifteen minutes to come up with something, but I spent those fifteen minutes on Ravelry looking for more projects to be in progress. And with regards to yesterday, I was basically going for the Trifecta for the week. I had nothing to say and while I spent time on the computer in Hell I was playing games and reading blogs, my fingers just were not in the mood to be exercised. Lazy bastards.

That sort of begs the question, does the week begin on Sunday or end on Sunday? I learned Sunday was the beginning of the week and that was fine while I was young, but when I got older, you know five when I started school and the week began on Monday, I sort of had a hard time with beginnings and endings. Now I like to think that the week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday unless it is more convenient for it to begin on Sunday. It’s a slippery slope.

So, I am just going to say that today is the beginning of this week and if all goes well it will end on Sunday. If not, then Sunday will be the beginning. I reserve the right to make changes how I see fit.

I have been working on projects. Hell of a time to take a break from posting. I actually am making progress. Except for yesterday, when my progress came crashing down around me when I came the conclusion that the project I spent all of Thursday and Friday night working on I was going to not use and the project I had been working all of yesterday on I was going to frog.

There is something that has happened that I can’t explain. Every time I do a cable or some knit/purl that is not seed or rib, I get unbelievable slagging ladders. I am a tight knitter (I don’t think so, but I have been told on numerous occasions) so I don’t really understand how this is happening. And since it has happened, I have been extra vigilant in pulling the yarn tight, yet still there is that slag (that is the word I am using because it sounds good to me). I hate it. I hate it so much that I scrapped an owl case yesterday and frogged it. It helped that I had purled four stitches instead of knitting them some six rows back, but whatever. I can’t seem to figure out how this happened or why. I don’t remember this problem when I started out doing cables, but there it is a definite problem. Perhaps I should try a different cables, maybe it is something specific to the freaking owls.

I discovered something this weekend. I like how fast things go with bulky yarn, but I hate working with it. I hate big needles. They are not comfortable and I just don’t like the time it takes and the way it seems to hurt my hands. I think US 9 is a fine needle size, but much above that I am not that interested in, definitely not US 15!

I also realized that I am not a fan of crocheting. I did a lot of it and it went fast, but now I just cringe at the thought of it and so I am over that. I did a project this weekend and wanted to cry my way through it because it sort of bored me. I guess my heart lies with knitting. And just to be that stuck up snobby girl, I like the way knitting looks compared to crochet. Not to say that I don’t love me some crochet items, but when it comes to baby stuff, knit looks better. Way better.

Last week I spent some time with iTunes looking for a few new songs to add some flavor and change up my playlist a little bit. Just a few songs. I realized three days later that I spent upwards of $35 on new music. New music that is old. Seriously I did that. I spent $35 on 90s music. Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, MC Hammer, Rob Zombie, Savage Garden, Whitesnake, Skid Row, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Hanson, LFO, Poison. Notice how some of those artists don’t really go together. If a sane person listened to my “My Now List” (which is the playlist of the songs I am into right now), they would commit me for sins against playlists. I have Backstreet Boys, Glee and Celine Dion (don’t ask, it is only one song) lumped on a list with Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. I have 80s-10’s in one list. I am so uncool that I have a fever. And what’s even better, I listen to it at work. All of it. Even Rob Zombie’s Pussy Liquor which I find quite catchy, and a little disturbing when either preceded or followed by Barbara Streisand. What’s a girl to do?

Is it weird that I find the dried water spots on my office window highly distracting? Probably no much weirder than my musical predilections. Yep, I’m using the big words now. Watch out. Of course I also have a Happy Bunny page-a-day calendar, so they won’t get much bigger.

I finished Friends this weekend. All ten seasons. It is bitter sweet. I am happy to return the discs to my friend but I am sad that it is over. I don’t have that go to show when there is nothing on television. I don’t have those manageable 30 minute episodes to make me smile. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross and no longer a main stay in my life. It makes me weepy.

Well I am going to cry in my delicious Coca-Cola (not to be confused with coke) and straighten my desk and hope that there might be a sliver of hockey news to get me through the next three hours.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

T.V. Tuesday: Volume 2 Issue 1

Yes I have decided to resurrect T.V. Tuesday. A weekly segment with my thoughts on the viewing of the past week. As usual, I do this during the summer, when there is barely any quality television programming. That is one example of how dumb I really am.

Let’s dive right in with a Tuesday favorite…

Rizzoli & Isles

For the most part I really like this show. I hope TNT doesn’t ruin it like they did The Closer. I like the dynamic between Jane & Maura. I am so happy that they didn’t drag out the whole “Jane shot Maurau’s bio-dad” thing. I don’t have any notes on last week’s “Dollhouse” episode. They don’t give the viewer much chance to “solve” the crime. The viewer is really just along for the ride. That is fine, but sometimes throwing me a bone and giving me a group of suspects to pick from would be nice.

Dallas 2.0

I was pretty giddy when they said there was going to be a Dallas reboot. I LOVED that show back in the day. I was just a wee one, but I knew I was in love with Bobby Ewing. Okay, I wasn’t that wee. Having Patrick Duffy being an integral part of this reboot is huge. I could do without Larry Hagman, but that is because I never liked him. But I do realize the need for him in the show. He is J.R. Ewing after all. After watching the first episode I was like, WTF? How could they have cast such abysmal actors? Seriously, Jesse Metcalf may be pretty to look at for the younger ladies (he holds no appeal to me) but I seriously doubt he could act his way out of a fake hostage situation. And Josh Henderson…oy. Then the ladies. Jordana Brewster is gorgeous. I love her look. Her acting is okay. Nothing too stellar, but not as bad as say Lindsay Lohan. I have no clue who Julie Gonzalo is, but I do know that I don’t plan on watching her in anything else. And dear sweet Linda Grey as Sue Ellen. I like her. I do. She’s not great, but she is fun.

Anyways, I watched the second episode and was ready to write the show off. I just wasn’t digging it, but I just couldn’t delete that recording, so I keep watching and waiting. I know they got a pick up for a second season, so some people are over the moon about it.

Did it seem awfully fast the way they sold Southfork? I mean he signed the papers and the next day they are packing it all up? I would have thought there might be a grace period of some sort. Oh and telling us that Pam just up and walked out is not a good enough explanation for me. I would have thought that Christopher might have asked Uncle Cliff if he had heard from his sister/Christopher’s mother. Throw me a bone please.

Rookie Blue

Back for it’s third season, RB is still one of my favorite summer shows. It came back for I think three weeks and then was on hiatus because of NBA basketball and then bam right back into it this past week. I think a “previously on” would have been nice for those of us that were left in the lurch for those long weeks. It was hard trying to think back to what had happened. Some things I liked about this week’s episode:

• Tracy as a detective in training. Even though I think it is odd that they have this rotation for a third year “rookie” I still enjoyed it a lot. I liked that she depended on her colleagues back in uniform to solve the case.

• Jerry not being able to work his phone as an explanation for his absence. How funny was that? Very.

• I always love seeing Swarek. Sorry but he is hunky.

And things I didn’t like and usually don’t like:

• Gail. Enough said

• Dov refusing to work through the shooting/doing it himself/lying. It is a formula that is old and tired. As a general rule I hate IA story lines that never amount to anything for a main player. I just hate them. They do nothing for me other than aggravate me.

• Noel & the pregnancy bitchiness. But more than that, um why hasn’t she been transferred? Are they allowed to have their baby daddy as their boss in Canada? That really bugs me.

• New guy. Why did they need him? They didn’t lose anyone. Was it just to give Gail a boy toy? And besides that he is really annoying.

When is something bad going to happen on that show? I know I shouldn’t want for that. But seriously third season and nobody has been shot/near dead/dead/fired. Time to spice things up Canada. We like our shows gritty down here. Oh and where is Luke?

Saving Hope

I watched the first episode and thought, “this sucks”. Then I watched the second episode and thought, “this really sucks”. Then I watched last week’s episode (okay half of it) for the sole fact that it dealt with a hockey player and then I deleted the series recording. Seriously? I did not realize until watching, what I am calling, the hockey episode that this was another Canada import. Nothing against Canada, you did send us Rookie Blue, but you also sent us The Bridge. So, your track record is 50% because I just remembered you sent us Flashpoint, one of my other favorite summer shows (that is not on this summer). This one definitely sucks though. It was bad enough before but then you tease me with off season hockey and throw a guy that reminds me of Scott Hartnell and concussions at me and I hate you for it. Really let’s move on. I was looking for something more juicy and gorey. Damn it!

So You Think You Can Dance

I made my thoughts on this known in my Sunday post, so I won’t repeat it. I just hope that this season gets better in a hurry.

Holiday Hold Off

For some reason, the networks other than TNT do not think we can handle original programming on the 4th of July. So SYTYCD is postponed as are a couple of other shows. I get that a lot of people do the whole holiday thing, but I do not. I hate the 4th of July. Fireworks have been going non-stop since last Tuesday. My little Cooper is petrified and I haven’t been able to fall asleep before midnight since. And today I found shells behind my car. Not cool. Not cool at all. I will enjoy the day off, probably watching Hatfields & McCoys on DVR since I have yet to do that. Or I will continue to watch endless hours of Friends.

So what is everyone else watching this summer? Or are you all playing out in the sun and frolicking through the forests?

Join us next week for another episode of T.V. Tuesday.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

The One on July 1st

So it is July 1st and everyone knows what that means...Free Agent Frenzy!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah & it's some big day in Canada too.  Just kidding Canucks...happy Canada Day.

So I have pretty much been glued to, twitter, and every other outlet that I could find for NHL free agency signings.  Too bad nobody has been signed.  Well that's not fair, some people have, just neither of the Big Two.  Ryan Suter & Zach Parise both have decided to wait until tomorrow to decide.  It has pretty much brought signings to a stand still as teams wait to see if their money will be tied up before going out and signing others.  Gah!!!!! I feel like there is so much more I could have done if I would have known they were going to do this.  Oh well.

I have happily cast on a new quick project.  So quick that if I put my mind to it and find something to watch on television that I can get it done tonight.  Yep, that is the plan.  Now to find something to watch!

Speaking of quality television programming, or non-quality as most of it is becomming.  On Wednesday I watched the top twenty reveal on So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) and I was less than impressed.  On at least two occassions they blatantly chose and told the dancer that was least qualified that they were choosing them over a dancer that was more qualified because the least qualified had "the look" or "personality".  What?  Please explain using diagrams and simple words because I do not understand.  Another mind boggler is there are two, yes TWO male dancers who already have dancing careers, actual paying careers that they put on hold to try out for the show.  WTF?  I thought the goal for any dancer was to have a paying dancing career and these two have it and are risking it for this show?  Wow. 

In any event, I didn't really find one dancer that I liked.  I only liked one routine and that was Mia Michaels' group number "Eyes".  Loved it.  The rest was just the same old same old.  Nothing to get excited over. 

The weather has been hot and dry (hot for Montana any ways).  And it has sparked fires.  Fires all around.  The wind has not helped.  On Thursday night as I was watching Dallas 2.0 on DVR, there was a loud BOOM and then a few minutes later the volunteer fire department alarm sounded.  It was ten minutes until 9:00 p.m. and the alarm aways usually sounds at 9:00 p.m.  It is something my boys wait for so that they can howl at it.  So they howled and howled and then we realized it was an actual fire alarm.  And that fire?  It was three across the alley and a few houses down from us.  It was sparked by the loud BOOM of fireworks.  Thankfully the VFD was on top of things because the city FD took their sweet ass time getting there and then when they did, sauntered out of the truck, put their coat on, grabbed a snack and wandered over.  Luckily for the people who live there, they had cut down the weeds (that were at least waist high) and the fire was put out quickly.  Had they not cut those down, the fire would have spread like nobody's business with the wind.  Still didn't stop them from setting off fireworks though. 

Every year we think about the fire danger and fondly remember how my father approached fireworks.  First, no punk needed, just his cigarette.  Then light it, watch it, hose it down before it is even done.  Safety Stan. 

A night after the fire, there was another one in the lot across the street.  Who sets off fireworks in a lot that is full of weeds and dead brush?  They stomped it out then hauled ass.  The next few days are going to be long.

Well I hope everyone enjoys the holiday that is coming up, whether it is today in Canada or on Wednesday in the US.  And if you are elsewhere, I hope you enjoy your holidays as well.  My plan for the 4th is to sit in my air conditioned home and knit.  Going to the parade is still To Be Determined. 

Enjoy your week and watch for a fun (for me anyways) return in the next few days.

(I still think spell check is cracked out, so forgive my misspellins, I did this in editor and not in Word)