WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 18

I am back!  Unfortunately I didn't go anywhere other than work and my bed.  I vowed to make some progress on some projects so that at least one of my June posts would have photos.  It's not like there were many posts to see though.

I started the week working on Hitchhiker.  I am slowly making progress.  Really slowly.

I am up to a whopping 15 "teeth".  But every one is one closer to the end.  I am really loving the color changes and how it is pooling.  It is so pretty.  I am sorry about the picture.  I sort of remembered I had to do this at 7:12 tonight!

Next up I have yet another jersey.  Only this one is not for me.  WHAT?  I joined in on the Puck This! Playoff Predictions Pool and offered up one of my jerseys and a gift card as a prize.  I did not win. I didn't come in last though either.  I think I made predictions for maybe one round.  I don't even remember.  I need reminders for these sort of things, like an ear burn.  Anyways, I am working on this to get it out the door as soon as I pick up a gift card (yeah I was totally on top of my game!).

I will leave the team a mystery.  It will match the button pin, but really isn't the exact color of the official jerseys.  Oh well...

And finally I got around to starting a Milo.

Yes I am still on the "set up" rounds and yes I purposefully didn't take a photo of the join area because it looks like crap.  I am hoping when I get it done I can fix it and if I can't, I am just going to buy a freaking baby present.  So far I am batting 0 for 2 on the baby present knits.  I made a sweet little dress for a sweet little momma who had a HUGE baby girl (9 lbs 21.5").  Yeah, it would not have fit over her head! 

So there you have it.  That is what I am working on this week.  I don't have a book to share because I am not currently reading anything.  I decided to take a break and try and get some fiber time in.  I did finish Bared To You and The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  Bared was a good quick read, Claiming was awful.  I would never ever recommend that book to someone.  Horrid. 

Other news:

Pittsburgh sure did make a splash at the Pittsburgh hosted NHL Draft!  Trading Jordan Staal to Carolina.  I was not surprised to see him traded.  I actually was cheering when it was announced.  Not that I necessarily wanted Staal to leave (he's not my most favorite, not my least), but I did want Pittsburgh to get something for him.  He turned down a 10 year/$60 million contract.  There was no doubt that he was going to test free agency next year, so why lose him and get nothing!?!  He wanted to play with his brother and thankfully it worked out so that we got the pick, and a couple of players.  I think Ray Shero is planning something BIG on Sunday.  He dumped the Staal salary and later dumped Michalek's salary trading him to Phoenix for basically nothing.  I think as it sits, they have somewhere around $14 million to play with on July 1st.  The buzz is they are thinking Parise, mabye Suter.  I don't know...it is interesting.  Unfortunately we look to be stuck with Martin as he has a no trade clause!  Yikes!  I can't imagine Parise on a line with Crosby and Dupuis.  Holy crap if that happened we would have probably the two best lines in hockey with Neal-Malkin-Kunitz on the second line.  Fingers crossed.

Other than that trade, the NHL Draft is an extremely boring thing to watch.  It is a bit more entertaining if you throw twitter into the mix. 

Hmmm...I don't think there is much else.  I have still been watching a lot of Friends.  Like an entire weekend of it.  That is why I have so little to show for my knitting!  T.V. & Internet is how I have been spending my weekends and evenings. 

I am planning something special coming up next week.  Something special to me anyways.  And I hope to be back on track on Sunday!

Happy Progressing to all of you.

(either spell check is not working or there was so much talk of hockey that they have added the player names to their dictionary.  Sorry for misspellings!)


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