WiP Wednesday: Volume 2 Issue 17

Ahhh June.  I must admit I am not a big fan of summer.  I don't like to be hot and sweaty.  Also, I am not much for the outdoors.  Bugs, allergies, dirt, just not my thing.  I am an indoor sort of girl.  Air conditioning, ice tea, Popsicles and movies.  That is really my plan for summer, lots and lots of movies and hopefully lots and lots of knitting.

Thankfully it is not summer yet, because while I have watched two movies this month, I have done very little knitting.  Sure I finished a jersey (to be shared later in the week), but I don't really count those anymore since they are part of a larger project.  Plus I never know if I should show them in the WiP category or the finished project category and it doesn't seem fair to double dip so to speak.  I failed to start anything new this past week.  I really failed to do any progress knitting until just about an hour and a half ago and that was out of guilt so that I would not leave you hanging with nothing.  If nothing else, I am loyal to my readers.

I do present you with some more "teeth"

I finally pulled out the yarn for a baby Milo.  And another skein for a little something else...maybe. It depends on finding the right pattern for what I have in mind. 

I have also been reading and am more than happy to report that I have finished the Fifty Shades Trilogy and none to soon.  I was going mad, but I was determined to read it all.  All 1242 ebook pages.  Yeah, that is a lot when the average ebook is around 260 pages.  But I did it and now I am over that and feel like I can get back to some "real" writing.  (Sorry to those who loved the series, I did not.  I don't apologize for not liking it, I just apologize for pissing you off by calling it something other than "real" writing.  It's sort of like people who call my Sid & Geno dirty and whiners.  I feel your "pain). 

So, I plan to kick off June Book #2 with Heat Lightning by John Sandford. 

Words cannot really express my love for Sandford's books.  They rank with Ed McBain, whom to me was the best author to ever have written.  In my estimation, McBain was the inventor of the police procedural.  I have read the 87th Precinct books numerous times.  I spent a long time and a lot of time in used book stores putting my collection together.  Money well spent.

I have books three and four lined up as well, but I am not going to list them just yet, because as always, it is subject to change based on my mood and whimsy.

Happy working in progress to all of you.  It is so much fun to see the projects people are working on and what people are reading as I am always looking for new authors.


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